Casio FX-9750GPlus Graphing Calculator

Casio Updated: 2007-08-30
Casio FX-9750GPlus Graphing Calculator

Includes a large, 21-character x 8-line graphing calculator with on-screen, icon-driven menu providing easy access to advanced functions. Includes hard shell cover.

With a large, 21 character x 8 line display with dual screen capability, the FX-9750GPlus has a on-screen, icon-driven menu that provides easy access to advanced functions. Function keys are used to select from on-screen menus, keeping the keyboard free from clutter. The Fraction key allows entry and calculations of fractions.

With the FX-9750GPlus, you can create tables of values from given functions and generate plots and graphs from tables. A CONIC feature draws and analyzes standard conic Sections (Ellipses, Circles, Hyperbolas, and Parabolas). There is also a communications port for linking to a personal computer, another FX-9750GPlus, or the Casio EA-200 Data Analyzer.

Graphic and numerical solver key provides instant solutions for root, maximum, Y intercept, and intersect for any graph. Also has list-based statistics with up to 36 lists and has complex number calculations.

Suggested Courses for the FX-9750GPlus Graphing Calculator include:
# Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II
# Middle School Math
# Geometry, Trigonometry Physics
# Calculus, AP Calculus
# Statistics and Engineering

The FX-9750GPlus is allowed on all major exams like SAT, ACT, Texas TAK and New York Regents Exams

Screen Examples
List-Based, One and Two-Variable Statistics

Dynamic Grapher
Choose a parameter of a function and investigate how it effects the function. Have students problem-solve to find what is happening and why.

Advanced Statistic functions
Hypothesis testing functions include:

* 1- and 2-Sample z-tests. F-tests, and t-tests
* 1- and 2-Proportion z-tests
* Linear regression t-test
* Chi-Square test

Confidence interval functions include:
* 1- and 2- Sample z-intervals, and t-intervals
* 1- and 2-Proportion z-intervals

CONICS are now a problem solving activity. Find the conic you want, enter the parameter, then draw it. Then find out all the critical points and information on the conic using the Graph-Solver. Discover how the critical points are related to the function.

Financial & Business Functions
The "PLUS" is all business when it comes to advanced financial calculations. It can quickly calculate Time-Value-of-Money (TVM), simple and compound interest, cash flowsm and amortization. It also performs conversions and calculations for cost/sell/margin, days, and bonds.