Genius NumPad Pro Digital Calculator

Genius Updated: 2008-12-14 RSS
Genius NumPad Pro Digital Calculator

Genius has the latest slim calculator with a retractable cable – Numpad Pro. This two in one design has a USB key pad and fully functional office calculator. It is an excellent tool for Excel spreadsheet accounting or financial applications that require fast and accurate entry of numeric data.

Numpad Pro is compatible with Windows® Vista™/XP x64/XP and 2000. It is a slim key cap structure with a 19-key layout. With 12 digital LCD display becomes an office calculator, you can easy carry and work more efficiently. Using built in USB "Plug and Play", a retractable USB cable provides faster connection and more convenience.

Key features:

* New slim and transparent modern design
* USB Plug-and- Play for notebook PC
* Retractable USB cable for easy connection
* Built in 12 digital LCD panel for calculation