HP 40gs Graphing Calculator

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HP 40gs Graphing Calculator

The HP 40gs Graphing Calculator has been specifically designed with both students and teachers in mind. As your calculations become more and more intricate, the HP 40gs makes solving them easy with a built-in Computer Algebra System (CAS). CAS delivers dynamic symbolic manipulation and numeric solving so you can easily perform complex arithmetric or calculus functions.

Easy programming to create custom aplets using formulas and equations, to assist with learning

Interactive history, notes and sketch capabilities to review and interact with data


Built for performance
* Dynamic split screen with adjustable contrast for greater readability
* 256KB total memory for greater storage capacity and increased performance
* 600+ built-in functions plus powerful HP Solve and other innovative applications
* Built-in library of 29 constants and easy metric unit conversions- ideal for math and science
* USB or serial ports for connecting to PCs and other devices to download, print and share data
* Enhanced HP keypad for greater comfort and reduced keying errors

Math features include
* Algebra features: factorization, expansion, substitution, systems of linear equations, linear algebra and matrices, among others
* Trigonometry (trigonometry functions/inverses and Hyperbolic functions/inverses, degrees, radians)
* Lists and sequences
* Exponential and logarithmic functions
* Permutations, combinations and factorials
* Metric/ imperial conversions