HP Office Calc 100 Financial Calculator

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HP Office Calc 100 Financial Calculator

Get quick answers to requests at your retail sales counter or home office. You'll love the simplicity, convenience, and style of our OfficeCalc 100.

Handy tool

* Simplify calculations with the intuitive, general-purpose layout
* See figures on the large, 10-digit angled display
* Fit it on your desk: the dimensions are 5.4 L x 5.3 W x 1.1" H
* Extend the battery life up to five years using the solar power supply with battery backup

General Features

Display size: 10 characters
Entry-system logic: Algebraic
Built-in functions: N/A
Memory/registers: N/A
Menus, prompts, etc.: Yes
Keyboard: Numeric
Dimensions: 134 x 27.5 x 135.5 mm