SHARP EL-1801PIII Printing Calculator

SHARP Updated: 2007-10-26
SHARP EL-1801PIII Printing Calculator

The EL-1801PIII is a desktop printing calculator with a large 12-digit blue fluorescent display with fast, 2 color printing.


Large Display
12-digit blue fluorescent display with punctuation

Quick and Crisp 2-Color Printing
prints at approximately 2.1 lines/sec. in two colors (positive numbers in black, negative numbers in red) on standard size paper rolls.

Calendar / Clock Function
displays and prints date and time.

Cost-Sell-Margin Keys
allow for convenient calculation of cost price, selling price, and margins.

Professional Keyboard
layout allows for quick calculations.

Built-in Grand Total Key
adds the grand total of several calculations such as the total prices times units on an invoice.

4-Key Memory
includes memory plus, memory minus, and recall and clear memory keys.

Additional Features
include tax keys, floating (F) or fixed decimal (6,3,2,1,0), add (A) mode, +/- key, AC power, and heavy duty paper holder.

Display: 12 digit (12mm)
Printing Color: Black and Red
Printing Speed: Approx. 2.1 lines per second
Print Head Type: Serial
Power: AC
Memory: 2
Grand Total Key: Yes
+Tax/-Tax Keys: Yes