SHARP EL-9600C Graphing Calculator

SHARP Updated: 2007-10-26
SHARP EL-9600C Graphing Calculator

Pen-Touch LCD Graphing Calculator with large high-contrast display, a unique multi-line Equation Editor, simplified operation keys, and touch-screen editing.


EZ Key
allows you to enter, store, and edit up to ten graphs! The EZ key makes Rapid zoom, Rapid graph, and Rapid window easy.

Pen Touch Screen Operation
enables you to navigate easily by touching the durable screen with your finger, pencil eraser, or stylus that is stored conveniently inside the calculator.

Large Display
8 line x 22 character LCD display (132 x 64 pixels)

Tool key
solves second and third degree polynomial equations.

Advanced functions
are accessible via menus.

Equation Editor
shows equations exactly as they appear.

Solver Key
allows you to solve equations both numerically and graphically.

Additional Features
includes 32KB RAM, financial functions, split screen option, built-in and self-made slide shows, communications port, and protective hard cover.

Display: 8 line x 22 character LCD display
(132 x 64 pixels)
Memory: 32KB RAM
Equation Editor: Yes
Pentouch Interface: Yes
Slide Shows: Yes
Solver Key: Yes
Protective Cover: Hard Case included
PC-Link: Yes
Reversible Keyboard: No
Graphing: Rectangular up to 10, Polar up to 6, Parametric Coordinates up to 6, Sequence up to 3; Zoom: Auto, Box, In, Out, Default, Square, Decimal, Int, Stat;
Calculation: intersection, min, max, x-incpt, y-incpt, point of inflection
Trace: x, y, dy/dx
Programming: 99 Titled Programs
BASIC-like commands including subroutines and conditional branching
Interactive with Graphing, Statistics, and Matrices
Statistical Graph: Histogram, Broken Line, Normal Probability Plot, Normal Distribution, Box Chart, Modified Box Chart, Scatter Plot, XY-Line Plot, Regression Models (linear, exponential, power, logarithmic, natural logarithmic, inverse, logistic, and sin)
Matrices: 10 Matrices
Maximum of 99 columns or 99 rows
Determinant, Transpose, Inverse, Elementary Row Operations, Augment, and Reduced Row Echelon Form STO and all scientific calculator functions Row Swap, Row_plus, Row_mult, Row_m.p.
Complex: Calculations and conversions in x+yi and rΘ +, -, *, /, STO
Scientific calculator functions (x ^ 3, x ^ -1 log, ln, 10 ^ x, square root)
Solver Key: Equation Solver 99 Stored Equations Algebraic, Newton, and Graphic Solutions
Communications: PC Link, Unit to unit, controller to overhead panel, and Real World Data Collection System link
Reset: Protected Reset switch on back of the unit, reset menu
Power: 4 x AAA batteries
1 x CR2032 backup battery
(w x h x d): 3.4" x 7.2" x 0.8"
Weight (oz.): 8.11