Sharp EL-500WBBK Scientific Calculator

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Sharp EL-500WBBK Scientific Calculator

The EL-500WBBK performs over 130 advanced scientific functions and utilizes an extra-large 10-digit LCD numeric display. The unique playback feature makes scientific equations easier for students edit and run multiple simulations. It is ideal for students studying general math, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. In addition, it can be used for statistics, biology, chemistry, and general science.


131 Functions
Statistical, trigonometric, and other functions

Large Display
11-digit dot matrix display

Direct Algebraic Logic (D.A.L.)
Input equations exactly as shown.

To edit and make changes to formulas easily


Display Type: LCD
Number of lines in display: 1
Logic: DAL
Number of Functions: 131
Power Supply: Battery
Hard Case: Yes
Battery: LR44 x 2
Continuous Calculation: Yes
Automatic Power Off: Yes
F.S.E Display Format: Yes (S only)
Parenthesis Levels: 8
log, In (and inverse): Yes
x, other symbols: No
Percent, other symbols: Yes
Fraction Calc: Yes
Solves 3 Simultaneous Equations: No
Complex Numbers: No
Matrices: No
Polynomial Root Finder: No
Equation Playback: Yes
Last Answer Recall: Yes
Last Digit Correction: Yes
Sin, Cos, Tan, Et Inverse: Yes
Hyperbolic Func Et Inverse: No
Deg/Rad/Grad Mode: Yes
DRG Conversion: Yes
P<>R: No
Metric Conversions: No
Physical Constants: No
Computer Math
Calc Et Convert: No
Dec., Hex., Oct., Et Binary, Pen: No
Logic Operators: No
One Variable: Yes
Two Variable: No
X Mean, Std. Deviation: Yes
Y Mean, Std Deviation: No
Regression Types: 0
Permutation Et Combination: Yes
Factorial: Yes
Random #s: Yes
Random Dice: No
Random Coin: No
Random Integer: No
Normal Distr. Functions: No
Number of Memories: 1
STO, RCL, and ANS Keys: Yes
Memory Calculations: M+
Formula: No
Equation Solver: No
Type (Command/Keystroke): No