Sharp EL-738C Financial Calculator

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Sharp EL-738C Financial Calculator

The EL-738C computes all time-value-of-money calculations. In addition, it is able to perform interest rate conversions, amortization calculations, and non-uniform cash flow calculations. This financial calculator is ideal for business students and professionals.


Large Display
2-line, 10-digit display - 1 line equation and 1 line numeric LCD display with mode indicators.

All time-value-of-money calculations, amortization, non-uniform cash flow, and interest rate conversions.

2 Variable Statistics
With linear regression.

Additional Features
Cost-sell-margin and mark-up calculations, sign change, percent and square root keys, protective wallet, solutions manual, and batteries included.


Display: LCD
Viewing Angle: Flat
Grand Total Key: No
Power Supply: CR2032 x 1
Hard Cover: No, with wallet
+Tax/-Tax Keys: No
Cost/Sell/Margin Keys: Yes
Number of lines in Display: 2
Compound Interest: Yes
Non-Uniform Cash Flow: Yes
Chain Calculation: Yes
2-Var. Statistics: Yes
Sign Change: Yes
Dimensions (w x h x d): 3.2" x 5.9" x 0.4"
Weight: 3.5 oz.