Texas Instruments TI-10 Calculator

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Texas Instruments TI-10 Calculator

Technology for the Youngest Learner
The TI-10 is perfect for the primary grades. It combines popular features of the TI-15 Explorer™ and MathMate™, which makes it a unique tool for grades K-3. The TI-10's comfortable, colorful design helps students find patterns in daily activities and helps educators reinforce math concepts in all elementary subjects.

Important Information for MathMate™ Users
While the MathMate will continue to be part of TI's product offering until 2005, our emphasis has shifted to the TI-10. Check out all its features - and see how the TI-10 can make your classroom better.


* Large, hard plastic color-coded keys
* 2-line display and 11 digits per line
* View up to 2 entries and results simultaneously
* Review and edit previous entries
* Scrolling/cursor keys (up, down, right, left)
* View division results as quotients with remainders or decimals
* One constant operation shows counter and results
* Negation key
* Clear last entry or all entries and settings
* Backspace and edit capabilities
* Problem solving
* Calculator chooses a problem
* Choose from 3 levels of difficulty using the "level of difficulty" key
* Choose from +, -, x, /, or "find the operation" by choosing the "?" key
* Calculator allows manual entry of a problem
* View hints with "guess and check" feature
* Compare numbers and equations including inequalities
* Separate "Greater than" and "Less than" keys
* Place value: hundredths through thousands
* Round or fix to whole number or decimal places
* EOS™ Equation Operating System - Performs operations in M-D-A-S order
* Up to 23 levels of parenthesis
* Error recovery capabilities
* Battery and solar power
* Operates in well-lit areas using solar cell. Operates in other light settings using battery
* Allows memory retention of settings and previous entries
* Teacher Kit Available (includes 10 calculators, storage caddy, Teacher's Guide in English and Spanish, calculator poster and transparency)
* Impact-resistant protective cover with quick reference card
* Texas Instruments educator newsletters available free of charge
* Available through Workshop Loan Program
* Available through TI Technology Rewards program
* Professional development available
* Overhead projectable calculator available
* Toll-free hotline
* One-year limited warranty