Canon DC50 DVD Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-06-11
Canon DC50 DVD Camcorder

The name Canon has always meant photographic and broadcast television lenses with optical excellence, as well as advanced image processing, and superb performance. And Canon digital video camcorders are no exception.

In fact, Canon digital camcorders include a family of sophisticated and powerful DVD camcorders. With this innovative line, you experience all the image quality, convenience and compatibility of DVD technology in sleekly designed camcorders.

The DC50 is at the top of Canon's impressive line of DVD camcorders with the performance of a 5.39 Megapixel CCD image sensor -- outstanding video quality and 5 Megapixel digital photographs. You get an array of advanced features including Super-Range Optical Image Stabilization, Dual Layer recording capability and Canon's exclusive next-generation DIGIC DV II for uncompromised video and still image processing. The DC50 is also easy to use, with the Joystick exposure control, Quick Start, and Horizontal Marker -- all in a stylish and easy-to-use design.


Audio Excellence

Your home movie theater experience wouldn't be complete without audio quality that matched the DC50's image quality. That's why the DC50 records audio in Dolby* Digital Stereo. Your friends and family will be impressed as the vivid memories you capture on disc come alive in the comfort of your living room.

* Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.