Canon Elura 50 Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon Elura 50 Digital Camcorder

Whether your travels take you to lush tropic rainforests, white sandy beaches, or busy marketplaces brimming with local color, Canon's Elura 50 camcorder is the one item that will never be left home. Its extreme portability means it travels wherever you do, so you'll never miss an opportunity. Superior picture quality allows you to relive all the sights and sounds of your trip just as you remembered them, with rich, vibrant color and crisp detail, without even leaving your living room. Although vacations can't last a lifetime, the Elura 50 guarantees a journey back anytime you choose.

The Elura 50 offers the superior quality of digital video, the ability to take XGA digital photos (1024 X 768) and store them on a MultiMediaCard or SD Memory Card, as well as the optional capability of making prints without connection to a computer. The Elura 50 also gives you an extensive selection of digital effects, automatic and manual controls, and offers quick and easy connection to your computer.

To enhance your shooting experience with the Elura 50, Canon offers a wide selection of optional accessories. Regardless of your shooting style, Canon has the right accessory to create professional results every time.


Genuine Canon Optics
The Elura 50 sports a 10X optical zoom lens combined with a 400X digital zoom. This zoom range will more than take care of all your picture-taking needs, whether it's wide-angle shots of all the family at the reunion, or close-up sports action at full telephoto. Combine this zoom with the high-resolution capability of DV and you have high quality video at your fingertips.

Image Stabilizer
Don't miss a shot -- even if you're shooting hand-held, at full telephoto, or while you're on the move. Canon's superb Image Stabilization system compensates for camcorder shake instantly, making your videos look steady and natural. Unlike other brands, Canon's Image Stabilization is effective even while panning and zooming.

DIGIC DV is a system for achieving superior video and photographic quality images. Canon's expertise in imaging and electronics is flawlessly blended together, resulting in outstanding performance. It offers substantial benefits in color reproduction.

DIGIC DV makes it possible to achieve accurate color for both video and digital photos. Since video and photos have different color requirements, DIGIC DV utilizes two different color techniques to maximize video quality on a TV and still image quality for print or computer display.