Canon NU-700N Network Controllable PTZ System

Canon Updated: 2008-07-29 RSS
Canon NU-700N Network Controllable PTZ System

This a complete turnkey system, the NU-700N brings Canon's reputation for very high quality video, durability, and outstanding support to a wide range of remote applications. With the NU-700N, users can now take advantage of Canon's renowned P/T/Z head technology for exterior broadcast applications, warehouse monitoring, weather and traffic surveillance, outdoor security and more.

The NU-700N combines a 1/4" 3 CCD Canon video camera with a built-in 20X optical zoom lens and 5X digital function for a powerful 100X zoom range, all contained under a rugged outdoor housing with a rain wiper. When connected to Canon's optional network-camera server, the system can be connected to the Internet or a LAN via a non-proprietary protocol control panel, or computer, enabling image acquisition and the control of camera functions—including camera pan, tilt, zoom, and focus—from anywhere with network access.

Outstanding features of the Canon NU-700N include:

* A complete body design that allows it to blend in naturally with buildings and city landscapes. A built-in rain wiper and anti-frost effect make excellent video images possible even under adverse weather conditions.
* Exceptional video quality courtesy of Canon optics and a 3 CCD camera with 410,000 pixels per CCD (NTSC).
* Powerful 20X optical zoom lens (4.2 – 84mm, the equivalent of 9.8-196mm in a 2/3” format), plus a digital zoom feature that will extend the focal length up to a maximum of 100X.
* Advanced Auto Focus technology.
* Flexible connectivity, either to a LAN or the Internet through an optional camera server.
* Non-proprietary protocol allows users and system integrator to provide a third-party server or controller, for easy integration with other systems. By adding the NU-700N to the Canon family of products, customers can feel comfortable knowing that this network controllable, turnkey P/T/Z system offers the same outstanding quality, service and support they've come to expect from our lenses and Canobeam Free Space Optical Transeivers.