Canon Optura Pi Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-03
Canon Optura Pi Digital Camcorder

The Digital Camcorder That Does It All Digital Movies - Digital Photos
Light enough to become part of your hand, the Optura Pi will become your personal imaging companion.

Built tough with Canon Know-How and Canon technology inside it, the Optura Pi gives you surprising features and unsurpassed digital video (DV) quality.

The Optura Pi is easy to use and that makes it easy to get results you've never seen before from any camcorder. Look into the world that awaits you when you get into CANON DV, with the Optura Pi digital camcorder.

Canon Optura Pi is available with a variety of accessories to make your video/photo imaging system complete.


Digital Video Format and IEEE 1394
DV or not DV. As soon as you ask the question, the answer is obvious. DV is an enormous advance over analog, in its stunningly superior quality, versatility and ease of use. DV helps you create memories, DV helps you communicate, unlike anything that's ever come before.

How? Optura Pi, with Canon technology stretches the old boundaries in every direction. Resolution over 500 lines horizontally provides exceptional detail and clarity. Technologies like Progressive Scan CCD and RGB Color Filter completely change the way the image is recorded, bringing video into a new era of true color and smooth motion.

IEEE 1394 DV Terminal
The Optura Pi is equipped with a DV In/Out terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394. It takes just a single digital cable to transfer or copy your videos in pure digital form into a DV Compatible computer. You can easily print images or add them as videos and photos to email. Record still images onto a floppy disk using the optional FR-100 Floppy Disk Still Image Recorder.

Progressive Scan CCD
It's a new kind of image sensor, Progressive Scan CCD, that makes Optura Pi able to bring such clarity to fast moving subjects and that provides the versatility to create print-from-video with digital photo resolution.

A fleeing Bigfoot, sheets of water tumbling over Niagara Falls, a linebacker careening towards the goal - they all come through clear because you get both speed and clarity with Progressive Scan CCD. The same feature makes it possible to snatch crisp stills at 30 shots per second using Optura Pi's Digital Motor Drive.

Compare it to Interlace methods, which shoot half an image at a time and combine the two to produce a single frame. The lapse of time between the halves blurs motion, and produces a disturbing image flicker when paused. Progressive Scan CCD is the superior, next-generation technology.