Canon ZR25MC Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon ZR25MC Digital Camcorder

Capturing your memories in stunning digital video has never been easier with the ZR series camcorders. Canon's ZR25MC puts the power of digital video into your hands, letting you record images and sound of exceptional quality, whether you're a seasoned movie-maker or an enthusiastic beginner.

Moving and still images come out sharp and clear, without blurring. You usually see a disappointing image when you take a 'freeze frame' out of a moving image from video. Not so with the ZR25MC's Progressive Photo function. It records crystal clear images of even moving subjects. The camera uses its iris like a still camera's mechanical shutter, resulting in full-frame images virtually free of time-lag blur.

Sleek and compact, the ZR series camcorders are comfortable to hold and small enough to slip into virtually any pocket. But don't let the size fool you: these camcorders contain an array of powerful features, including a flexible LCD view screen that folds into the camcorder's body, an optical and a digital zoom for dramatic close-ups, and an image stabilization system for shake-free video even without a tripod. Each ZR series camcorder connects easily to a DV-ready personal computer for editing, or to your TV for the joy of sharing memories and experiences. And when you're not shooting video, use the ZR like a camera to capture still images.


MultiMediaCard and SD Memory Card compatible
No larger than postage stamps, MultiMediaCards and SD Memory Cards offer you a whole new way to capture, store, and transfer still images. Just slip a card into your camera's MC slot, and fire away.

The ZR25MC expands video possibilities by using a MultiMediaCard or a SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card in addition to a Mini DV cassette. These ultra-small and ultra-light media record, store and manage still images, as well as allow easy transfer of still images to a PC**. Copy still images from a videocassette to a memory card, and vice versa. Produce effects not possible with just a cassette using one of the three types of Card Mix Effects.

Choose one of the sample images provided on the supplied MultiMediaCard such as a picture frame or crashing waves and combine it with the live camcorder images.

Programmed Auto Exposure
Don't fumble - don't worry, just set it to Auto. When you're in a hurry to catch something unexpected and special, the ZR25MC is by your side. You'll get great results in most places. Shoot into the shadows, or into the bright light, mixed light, indoors or out; fast-moving images or stills.

If you have the time and the inclination, select the program that matches your scene and the camcorder adjusts internal controls for perfect video every time. Choose from Easy Recording, Auto, Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, Sand & Snow and Low Light.

Analog Line-in
Time to transfer those old analog tapes. They're filled with memories. Transfer an analog video signal from your VCR, TV, or camcorder into the ZR25MC and record it onto DV tapes or move it to your computer for ‘touch-ups" or editing. You'll feel great afterwards, because you're preserving those precious originals for future generations.