Canon ZR45MC Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon ZR45MC Digital Camcorder

All the features of the ZR40, plus Progressive Photo Mode for exceptionally sharp still images, MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital (SD)Memory Card technology for easy storage and transfer of still images, and a USB terminal.

Outstanding optical performance and strict attention to detail makes the ZR45MC an indispensable memory maker. Your style and creativity are limited only by your own imagination. The flexibility and quality of the ZR45MC will win you over.


Precision Canon Optical Zoom Lens
Canon is known world-wide for its lenses. The zoom technology found in the lens of a ZR45MC camcorder is the same as Canon uses in its broadcast TV lenses, found in the majority of broadcast cameras.

18X Optical Zoom
The ZR45mc is fitted with an 18X optical zoom lens, a new high performance lens from Canon. The 18X zoom range will more than take care of all your picture-taking needs, whether they be wide-angle shots of all the family at the reunion, or close-up sports action at full telephoto. Add in the high-resolution capability of DV, and you have high quality video at your fingertips.

360X Digital Zoom
The ZR45MC's 360X digital zoom significantly expands the telephoto magnification of the subject, bringing it even closer than you might have thought possible.

Shooting Modes
The ZR45MC offers you three shooting modes to satisfy all your picture-taking needs. First there's the standard Video Mode for the majority of your shooting; then there's Progressive Photo Mode and Photo Mode for single pictures -- that's right, you don't need to carry a photo camera, too.

Video Mode
Video Mode delivers smooth, full-motion video, for playback on your TV. You also can transfer the video onto your computer to view, edit, post on the Internet, or send to friends.

Photo Mode
You also can make your ZR45MC a still camera by switching to Photo Mode. Just press the photo button to capture more than 1,000 still pictures, each with 6 seconds of sound, on a single 80 minute videocassette.

Progressive Photo Mode
Use this mode to capture sharp still images onto the camcorder's MultiMediaCard. The full frame images are free from time lag blur. The 8MB card will hold up to 105 images.