Canon ZR50MC Digital Camcorder

Canon Updated: 2007-08-02
Canon ZR50MC Digital Camcorder

The ZR50MC allows you to experience all of the technology, but none of the hassle. A superb blend of performance, esthetics, and elegance, the ZR50MC handles any situation with ease. Fully-equipped, the ZR50MC effectively blurs the line between quality and simplicity.

All the features of the ZR45MC, plus 22X Optical Zoom/440X Digital Zoom, an Advanced Accessory Shoe which lets you quickly add an optional directional microphone or video light, Selectable Color Light-up Buttons (6 Colors), and Extended Recording Time for up to 4 hours of recording on an 80 minute cassette.


Color Viewfinder and 2.5" LCD Screen
The ZR50MC offers both a color viewfinder and a 2.5-inch fold-out color LCD screen. For those who prefer the larger screen for composing their videos, the fold-out screen makes it easy. It twists and can be flipped, so you can shoot your video from any angle without having to look in the viewfinder. The screen also is great for playback and review of your video immediately after you've captured a scene.

MultiMediaCard and SD Memory Card compatible
For the storage of digital still images, you can use either MultiMediaCards or SD memory cards in the ZR50MC. An 8MB MultiMediaCard comes with the camcorder, storing up to 60 fine quality still pictures or 105 standard quality images. These images can be transferred to your computer using the camcorder's USB interface or a card reader.

PCM Digital Stereo Sound
The ZR50MC can record sound in two audio modes:

16-bit (48 kHz, 2 channels) for the highest sound quality, slightly better than CD quality, and equivalent to DAT tape;

12-bit (32 kHz, 2 from 4 channels) for recording on two channels (stereo 1), leaving two channels (stereo 2) open for post production audio recording (narration, music, etc.).