Hitachi Eagle PT-220 Heavy Duty Indoor Pan Tilt head

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi Eagle PT-220 Heavy Duty Indoor Pan Tilt head

• Heavy duty indoor pan tilt head.

• Eagle® system compatible with on board RISC computer control.

• Remote control via RS-485 protocol using standard 3 wire connect, or over optional modem or fiber optic link.

• Worm gear driven for smooth, accurate, repeatable performance.

• Uses DC motors controlled by pulse width modulation for excellent low speed torque.

• Motors are isolated from body by elastomeric polymer compounds for noise reduction.

• Vector solving operation in manual or preset modes.

• 64 presets per head, stored internally in non-volatile memory.

• Will handle camera, lens, and LCD prompter combinations weighing up to 30 lbs.

• Built in 12VDC camera power supply.

• Optional camera control module for integrated remote camera control of selected Hitachi cameras using Eagle® system controllers, PC software, or Panja and Crestron control systems

• Control software available for Windows 95™/98, and Windows NT™ or 2000 ™compatible PC’s.

• SOLDERLESS Multipin connector in base allows for easy connection of power and control.

• Control, video and genlock connections made at base are passed through head to camera --no cables to get caught when panning or tilting.

• Pre-built camera control /power harness, and adjustable camera mount provided with each head.

• All needed connectors for power and control are included.