Hitachi Eagle PT-CC Camera Controller

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi Eagle PT-CC Camera Controller

• Eagle system compatible

• On board microprocessor controlled

• Convenient desktop form factor

• Bright red LEDs for user feedback of system status

• When used in conjunction with optional PT-C pan-tilt controller, the combination provides complete camera and pan-tilt system control

• Use of EPROMs allow easy future software upgrades

• Can control up to 32 cameras on one RS-485 control chain

• DB-9 connector on rear allows for simple connection to PT-C controller

• All needed connectors are included

• The Eagle PT-CC camera controller is a multi-functional control unit. It allows the user to cotrol up to 32 different cameras attached to Eagle pan-tilt heads, from one controller.

• The PT-CCs compact desktop case allows it to easily be integrated into new or existing control room applications.

• The PT-CC uses individual control buttons, with excellent tactile feedback. All of the main setup features for Hitachis HV-C10, HV-D15, HV-D3, Z-2010 and Z-3000 cameras are available to the user.