Hitachi HV-D15AS Digital Color Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi HV-D15AS Digital Color Camera

10-bit professional SDI Digital Video output conforming to SMPTE259M

Bayonet lens mount

3 (RGB) 410Kpixel (NTSC), 1/2-inch IT CCDs

Resolution 850 TV lines

Sensitivity F11 at 2000 lx, minimum illumination 0.3lx.

Microprocessor controlled ALC with 10 F-stops of dynamic range. (Automatic Level Control)

+24dB of AGC. (Automatic Gain Control)

Adjustable (1/30th sec ~ 8 sec) long-term exposure for nighttime observation.

65 dB signal to noise ratio w/ DNR.

Four user-adjustable scene files with presets.

Advanced detail (contouring) controls.

6-color matrix system.

Dyna-chroma & chroma saturation function.

8-speed shutter system with 1/100,000th sec max speed.

Lock Scan function for imaging asynchronous video sources.

Contrast function.

Auto knee.

Automatic adjustment of lens modulation shading.

SMPTE Color Bars.

Analog VBS video output with superimposed characters.

Genlock VBS input.

Real time auto white.

Low (8.5 watt) power consumption.

RS 232C control.

Data Command set & protocol available upon request

Available also in PAL.