Hitachi HV-D30 Compact 3-CCD Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi HV-D30 Compact 3-CCD Camera

The HV-D30 is a three 1/3" IT-CCD economical and high performance Color Camera.

Hitachi’s smallest 3CCD camera offers

800 TV Lines Resolution, 64db Signal-to-noise-ratio.

Minimum sensitivity of 0.9 lux.

High-quality video is attained with the use of 12-bit A/D and advanced Hitachi DSP.

External Triggering and long-term integration mode.

Video outputs include: Composite, Y/C, RGB, or Y/R-Y/B-Y.

Flange-back (back-focus) adjustment for C-mount lens.

The HV-D30 has advanced features as:

4 Scene files

6-vector color matrix

Color-based detail


Automatic Exposure System

Lens flare and shading compensation

Positive-Negative picture mode

Operates with a dedicated remote control panel (RC-Z3) or RS-232 interface.

Command protocol and data format are available upon request for custom control applications.

Available in NTSC and PAL TV system versions.