Hitachi HV-D5W High Performance SDTV Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi HV-D5W High Performance SDTV Camera

Three 2/3" 510K pixel CCDs

16:9/4:3 switchable

Three 2/3-inch 510,000 pixel CCDs.

750 TV lines of horizontal resolution.

State-of-the-art LSI DSP with >230,000 gates.

65 dB signal to noise ratio

F11 @ 2000 lx

+30 dB maximum video gain.

Minimum illumination of 0.8 lx (F1.4).

Versatile CCD shutter system.

5 preset electronic shutter speeds.

Lock scan mode.

Automatic exposure system (AES).

CCD Charge control (CC) frame mode.

Dyna chroma and Auto-Knee

6 vector color correction.

Linear matrix masking

Automatic flesh tone detail.

Dual masking system.

Scene files stored at camera head.

CF Memory card for camera setup & Scene file storage.

Flesh Tone Detail system.

Variable detail center frequency.

Dyna-Chroma & Auto Knee.

Special gamma.

Gray-scale auto setup.

Modulation shading auto setup.

Auto iris peak/average response and video level adjustments can be set from menu screen.

Real Time Auto White mode.

SMPTE Color Bar generator.

Full time analog composite video outputs with menu data overlay.

Analog Component, or RGB or Y/C available via 9-pin D-sub connector.

(SMPTE-259M C) SDI video output with RP165 EDH (error detection and handling) flags from camera head using optional D1-D5 adapter.

Remotely controlled motorized filter wheel (option: FD-Z2)

RS 232C PC control.

Data Command set & protocol available upon request

Available also in PAL.

“S4” version withstands >20G of shock, perfect for in-vehicle, sports & military applications.