Hitachi SK-900 Broadcast Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi SK-900 Broadcast Camera

Top-of-the-line SDTV, NTSC handheld, Broadcast Color Camera for studio or field production.

Triaxial cable configuration with high-performance FM transmission system.

Large lens studio adapter SA-777 available.

High Density 1050K Pixel IT CCDs.

-140dB Vertical Smear specification rivals FIT imagers.

14 bit A/D converters.

3 million gate, >38bit process depth Hitachi Digital Signal Processor IC.

800 TV lines of resolution in 16:9.

850 TV line resolution in 4:3.

Sensitivity 2000 lux @ f11.0.

67dB Signal to Noise ratio.

16:9/4:3 switchable aspect ratio.

Triple masking system: Linear, Six-color, Flesh-tone.

Dual flesh tone detail with memories.

Automatic flesh tone detail.

Gray Scale Auto setup.

Memory card for camera setup

4-position motorized and remotely controllable ND filter wheel.

One-button electronic Color Temperature adjustment.

(SMPTE-259M C) SDI video output from camera head using optional CA-ZD1 adapter.

Scene files stored at camera head.

CF Memory card for camera setup & Scene file storage.

Versatile CCD shutter system.

Dyna-Chroma & Auto Knee.

High-chroma detail.

Detail knee or soft detail function.

Adjustable master color saturation.

Adjustable detail frequency (3~7MHz)

Special gamma.

Modulation shading auto setup.

Quick focus function.

Programmable function switches.

Full-auto shooting mode.

Comprehensive viewfinder displays.

Selectable dual-level Zebra video level viewfinder display.

Optionally available 2-inch CRT ENG/ Field Production viewfinder (VF-201).

EFP configuration include HA-900 (short handle), AT-900 (viewfinder mount) and VF-507 viewfinder.

Optionally available 7-inch CRT Color Viewfinder for SA-777.

Dedicated Teleprompter video and power available with Triax system TU-Z3A/ CX-Z3A.

Optional SDI digital video Returns (X2) and output (X2) with use of Triax CCU model TU-Z3A.

Optional Trunk Video option allows sending video from head to CCU via Triax cable.

Triax configuration offers Digital Intercom, Program and Mic (PCM) audio signals for interference-free operation.