Hitachi Z-2500 Professional Camera

Hitachi Updated: 2007-09-24
Hitachi Z-2500 Professional Camera

Economical production camera for ENG-EFP, Studio & Field Production, use.

ENG configuration solution with use of Z-DR1 Hard Disc Recorder. >900 TVL resolution.

Latest Generation Hitachi DSP with >30 bit processing.

12-bit Analog to digital converters.

65dB SNR.

2/3-inch IT CCDs with dynamic pixel correction.

F11 Sensitivity @ 2000lx.

Digital encoder with comb filter.

Digital Sync (genlock) system.

Versatile CCD shutter system.

Dyna-Chroma & Auto Knee.

Automatic flesh tone detail.

6-vector and linear matrix.

Special gamma.

Gray-scale auto setup.

Modulation shading auto setup.

Quick focus function.

Programmable function switches.

Full-auto shooting mode.

Comprehensive viewfinder displays.

Flexible choice of remote controls.

Teleprompter video and power available with use of optional expansion adapter model EA-Z35.