JVC Everio GZ-MG680 Hard Disk Camcorder

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JVC Everio GZ-MG680 Hard Disk Camcorder

Ultra-compact HDD/microSD hybrid camera featuring 60GB HDD for up to 75 hours of recording, with KONICA MINOLTA LENS, 40x dynamic zoom, Laser Touch Operation, and convenient "One Touch" buttons for easy sharing and carrying.

* 1/6-inch 800K -pixel CCD
* Up to 832 x 624 still resolution size
* 40x Dynamic Zoom Lens, Konica Minolta 35x optical Lens and 800x digital
* 120 GB Internal Hard Disk Drive
* 28 hours 40 minutes recording at the highest quality (Ultra-DVD Movie)
* Micro SD card slot
* Gigabrid Engine
* Up to 9999 digital stills at the highest quality

Easy Operation & Convenience
* New Laser Touch Operation
* Quick Restart
* Digest Playback
* Auto Illumi.Light
* 2.7" 16:9 Widescreen Clear LCD
* Data Battery
* Auto Power ON/Off & Auto Lens Cover
* Convenient 2-Way Strap
* Remote Control
* Multi-Language – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

Easy Archiving & Sharing
* One Touch Export (Windows)
* One Touch Upload to You Tube (Windows)
* Pixela MediaBrowser (Windows)
* One-Touch Backup to PC (Direct Backup)
* One-Touch DVD Creation (Direct DVD)
* Easy File Management
* Easy Playback
* Built-in Picture Titles


Standard Definition: Yes
Image Chip Type: 1/6-inch 800k pixel CCD
Internal Hard Disk Drive capacity: 120GB storage for upto 150hrs of recording
HDD Recording Time Min - Max: 28hr 40min (Ultra Fine - 150hr (Eco)
Memory Card Slot: microSD (microSDHC)
Optical Zoom: 35x
Remote: Yes
Maximum Still Image Resolution: 9999
Laser Touch Operation: Yes
PC Software Provided: Pixela Everio MediaBrowser for Windows(R)
Image Processing: HD Gigabrid Premium Engine with HD up-convert with HDMI for 1920x1080/50P Output
Body Colour: Black
Auto LCD Backlight Control: Yes
Auto Illumilight: Yes
Picture Titles: Yes
Quick Restart: Yes
New Power Linked Operation: with Sub-trigger and Zoom Function
Lens F stop: F1.8
Recording Media: Internal HDD / microSD
Recording Formats: MPEG2 Video/Dolby Audio, JPEG

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