Panasonic HDC-HS100 3MOS 60GB Hard Disk Drive/SD Hybrid Camcorder

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Panasonic HDC-HS100 3MOS 60GB Hard Disk Drive/SD Hybrid Camcorder

Welcome to the Full-High-Definition Age
Expressive, true-to-life images that convey deep emotion. Panasonic carefully crafted the HDC-HS100 so you wouldn't have to accept any compromise in the images you shoot. This remarkable HD camcorder lets you capture artistically beautiful images with superb detail and deep, vivid colors. It gives you the advanced creative control you need to capture images just the way you see them in your mind's eye. And it's super-easy to use, with instant automatic settings for capturing perfect shots in almost any situation. Artistic Beauty. Advanced Creativity. Automatic Control. With the new HDC-HS100 camcorder, Panasonic gives you a tool for making videos that you'll enjoy creating today and viewing for years to come.

When It Comes to Beauty, There's Simply No Match for Full-HD
Panasonic HD camcorders record 1920 x 1080 full-HD images - the highest level of HD quality there is. Viewed on an HDTV, the pictures are so sharp and clear that you can even distinguish textures. That's the kind of image quality you want when capturing special moments - the kind of moments that will only come once, but that you'll want to enjoy forever. When it comes to capturing beautiful images, an HD camcorder is the best choice. And when it comes to HD camcorders, make Panasonic your choice.

Capture Expressive Images, with Rich, Vivid Color
The HDC-HS100 features Panasonic's new 3MOS sensor. With about 2 times the light-receiving area of a CCD sensor, this high-sensitivity, high-precision imaging element captures vibrant, faithful color and provides outstanding performance in low lighting. The 3MOS system uses separate MOS sensors to capture the red, green and blue light components, so no light is wasted. You capture rich, expressive video with vivid colors and super-fine details that make your images come alive.

Manual Controls the Freedom to go beyond the Ordinary
The manual ring gives you easy, fingertip control over the focus, zoom and exposure settings. Youll find using the ring a much more intuitive, comfortable, user-friendly process than accessing a menu screen. With the manual ring and manual operation, the HDC-HS100 is a pleasure to use and gives you the freedom to craft unusually expressive images.

Capture Images of Surpassing Beauty Easily Even in Challenging Situations
In iA (Intelligent Auto) mode the image stabilization, contrast correction and face detection functions are automatically activated. Panasonics advanced O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) suppresses the effects on hand-shake as you shoot. Switch the power on and the HDC-HS100 is in standby mode in just 1.9 seconds, ready to shoot when you are and the clever Pre-Rec Function records three seconds of images before you actually begin shooting. These images are held temporarily in the camcorders internal memory, before recording onto the SDHC/SD Memory Card or hard disk begins. This helps ensure that you wont miss the start of a moment you want to record, such as when an event begins all of a sudden.

Records Onto: 60 GB HDD, SD/SDHC Memory Card
Recording Format: AVCHD (Motion Image)

Image Sensor (Total): 1/6" MOS (610 K x 3 pixels)
Image Sensor (Effective): 16:9 -- 520K x 3 (Moving Picture/Still Picture)
F Value: F1.8 (Wide) / F2.8 (Tele)
Optical Zoom: 12x Variable Speed
Focal Length: 2.95-35.4 mm
Filter Diameter: 37mm
35mm Film Camera Equivalent: 42.1-505 mm (16:9) (Motion Image/Still Image)
Lens Type: Leica Dicomar

3CCD Camera System: No
Image Stabilizer: Yes (Advanced O.I.S.)
Still Picture Recording: yes (2.1 Megapixel 16:9)
Minimum Illumination: 2 Lux (1/30 Low Light Mode), 1 Lux (Magic Pix® Mode)
Focus: AF/Manual
White Balance: Auto/Indoor1/Indoor2/Sunny/Cloudy/White Set
High Speed Shutter: 60i: Auto Slow Shutter ON: 1/30-1/8000, OFF: 1/60-1/8000 (Motion Image)(Still Picture, Progressive: 1/30-)
24p: Auto Slow Shutter ON: 1/24-1/8000, OFF: 1/48-1/8000 (Motion Image)(Still Picture, Progressive: 1/24-)
Iris: Auto/Manual
Backlight Compensation: Yes
Electronic Viewfinder (EVF): Yes
LCD Monitor: 2.7" Wide (300,000 Dots)
Power LCD: Yes
Wide Viewing Angle LCD: Yes
Manual Focus Ring: Yes
Pure Color Engine: HD Advanced
MagicPix Images: Yes
Simultaneous Motion Video & Still Picture Recording: Yes (2.1 Megapixel)
Microphone: Dolby Digital/5.1 ch, Zoom Microphone
On-Screen Display Language: English / Canadian French / Spanish
Flash: 1m - 2.5m (approx.)
Quick Start: 0.6 seconds

Applicable Disc: No
Cue and Review: No
Video Recording Format: AVCHD (Motion Image)
Recording Mode: HD: HA (17 Mbps/VBR), HG (13 Mbps/VBR), HX (9 Mbps/VBR), HE (6 Mbps/VBR)
Playback Mode: HD: HA (17 Mbps/VBR), HG (13 Mbps/VBR), HX (9 Mbps/VBR), HE (6 Mbps/VBR)
Audio Recording Format: Dolby Digital (Dolby AC3) / 5.1-channel
Recording Time: SDHC: 16GB: HA (2 hrs)/HG (2hrs 40mins)/HX (4hrs)/HE (6hrs); 8GB: HA (1hr)/HG (1hr 20mins)/HX (2hrs)/HE (3hrs); 4GB: HA (30mins)/HG (40mins)/HX (1hr)/HE (1hr 30mins)
Still Picture: JPEG Picture Size:
2.1 MEGA: 1920 x 1080 (16:9)
Still Picture Recording Number: SDHC: 16GB: (13470, 21170), 8GB: (6690, 10520), 4GB: (3290, 5160)
Counter: Yes
Remaining Indication: Yes
Pre-Rec Function: Yes
Intelligent Contrast Control: Yes
One-Touch Navigation: Yes
Help Mode: Yes, 50cm
Tele Macro: Yes (50cm)
AGS (Auto Ground-Directional Standby): Yes
Composition Guide Lines: Yes, when using a DVD burner (VW-BN1), data from an SDHC/SD Memory Card & HDD (HS100, HS9) can be copiesd to a 12-cm DVD disc
Disc Copy Function: Yes
USB Host Function: Yes, 2.0

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