Panasonic HDC-SD5BNDL Camcorder

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Panasonic HDC-SD5BNDL Camcorder

DVD Burner Included for Easy Transfer of Your Precious Memories
The HDC-SD5 hi-def camcorder comes bundled with a free Panasonic DVD burner (VM-BN1) included right in the box. Use the camcorder's USB Host function to connect directly to the burner with a USB cable (sold separately). You can also copy recordings from the SD Memory Card to a DVD disc, maintaining the original full-HD format, or use the included software to burn a full-HD recording from an SD Memory Card to a DVD disc on your PC.

Never Miss a Detail with 1920x1080 Full-HD Recording
Images recorded by conventional HD camcorders have only 1,440 horizontal pixels, while full-HD camcorders have 1,920; that's about 30 percent more recording pixels! The result is a level of detail and resolution that goes beyond anything you've ever experienced before. And because full-HD recordings contain a vast amount of picture information, they look beautiful not only on high-definition TVs, but on standard-definition TVs as well.

Advanced O.I.S. Reduces Camera Shake
Camera shake happens. Unsteady hands, shooting while in motion: these factors can reduce the quality of your video. But Panasonic has developed its best-ever built-in Optical Image Stabilization, which compensates for hand-shake and helps keep your videos crisp, steady and blur-free.

World-Class Leica Lens Delivers Superior HD Images
The HDC-SD5 comes with a world-class Leica Dicomar lens, fashioned specifically for high-definition digital camcorders. The superior craftsmanship of Leica's advanced lens system captures stunning images and colors that look magnificent in HD. Combined with Panasonic's advanced 3CCD system, which uses three separate sensors to capture and process light, you can relive your memories in lifelike detail on your HDTV screen.