Panasonic SDR-S10P1 Camcorder

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Panasonic SDR-S10P1 Camcorder

Shockproof and Water-Resistant
Panasonic's SDR-S10P1 compact SD camcorder is built tough so you can shoot in places never before possible. Its shockproof design resists damage even if dropped from a height of up to 4 feet with improved fortification inside and out. You can also use this camcorder when it's rainy or snowy outside, or in places where you might get a little wet. The S10P1 is even designed so you can hold and operate it when your hands are wet. Use it in places you never dared take a video camera before — like alongside a pool or outside a ski lodge.

Capture Even Complex Motion with Precision
Panasonic's MPEG2 Engine is a wide-range, high-precision engine that produces smooth, beautiful moving pictures. Because it precisely records the differences in each frame, it can render fast, complex motions with exceptional accuracy and nearly twice the resolution captured with previous Panasonic MPEG2 video cameras.

Sub Rec Button Makes Angle Shooting Easier
You can freely adjust the angle of the LCD monitor for comfortable viewing no matter how you're holding the camera. The Sub Rec button on the side makes it easy to shoot when you're holding the S10P1 low. The buttons are laid out simply and logically for easy one-hand operation.

Easy Viewing with SD Card
To view your videos, simply take the SD card from the camcorder and slip it into any TV or DVD player with an SD card slot; there are no cables to worry about.

Edit Your Videos
First, transfer the motion-image data from the SD card to your PC using your PC's USB port. Then with the included MotionSD STUDIO 1.2E software, you can easily put scenes in a different order, delete the ones you don't want, and add a wide variety of video effects. Save your results by burning your video production onto DVD.