SHARP VL-Z5U Digital Viewcam Camcorder

SHARP Updated: 2007-10-25
SHARP VL-Z5U Digital Viewcam Camcorder

The VL-Z5U Digital camcorder is a one-handed solution that features an integrated rotational pivot point in the center of the unit for ease-of-use and more comfort while recording. This unique body design leads to a smaller camcorder and allows total flexibility while recording. The VL-Z5U Digital camcorder incorporates CG Silicon™ LCD screen technology for a high-resolution image during playback and when framing subjects. CG Silicon LCD technology from Sharp is a new solution in size and resolution for high style digital applications. This model also includes an 8 MB SD memory card for still image capture and a remote for distance / tripod control.


2.5" Advanced CG Silicon™ LCD Screen
provides higher resolution and less power consumption than standard LCD screens. In addition, its performance in bright sunlight is superior.

225º Angle Rotation (Swivel Grip)
allows you to easily shoot difficult angles and easily handle the Viewcam when recording. The swivel grip provides increased hand comfort.

10x Optical / 500x Digital Zoom Lens
The 10x optical zoom lens produces a true-to-life accurate image using lens groups, and the 500x digital zoom allows for image capture at a much larger distance.

8 MB SD Memory Card
will store still images. Depending on the level of resolution, the approximate number of images that can be stored is: Normal 90 / Economy 160 / Fine 50 at 640 x 480.

Color Viewfinder with Adjustable Diopter
is provided in addition to the CG Silicon LCD screen for even greater flexibility when recording. The viewfinder can be adjusted to the user's eye so corrective lenses can be removed when operating the Viewcam.

i.Link (1394) and USB Digital Video Interface
will allow the user to transfer digital video, audio, and still images to a PC for editing as well as control the camcorder remotely.

Low Reflective View Screen:2.5" CG Silicon™ LCD
Zoom Optical/Digital:10x/500x
Zoom Microphone Terminal:No
Built-in Flash:No
i.Link (IEEE1394) Port:Yes
USB Digital PC Interface:Yes
CCD Sensor:680,000
SD Memory Card:8 MB
225º Free Angle / Self Record:Yes
Digital Image Stabilization:Yes
Playback with Sound:Yes
Digital Zoom Ratio Selection:Yes
Gain Up/ Backlight Compensation:Yes
Remote Control:Yes
AV Terminal (Analog input):In/Out
Quick Return:Yes
Edit Search:Yes
Digital Picture Effects:Yes
Scene Menu:Yes
Iris/White Balance Lock:Yes
Auto/Manual Focus:Yes
CG Silicon View Screen Brightness/Color Control:Yes
Battery/Tape Remaining Display:Yes
Two Audio Track/Record (12/16 bit):Yes
Power Saving LCD Off Function / Standby Mode:Yes
16:9 Record Mode:Yes
SP/LP Record Mode:Yes
Lens:10x (F 1.8, f =3.8 - 38mm)
(w x h x d):3 1/4" x 3 15/64" x 4"
Weight (lbs.):1.07
Battery (Lithium-Ion):Yes (BT-L226U)
AC Adapter:Yes
USB PC Drivers:Yes
Remote Battery:Yes
A/V Cables:Yes
USB Cable:Yes
Lens Cap:Yes