Samsung SC-D372 Mini-DV Camcorder

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Samsung SC-D372 Mini-DV Camcorder

The SC-D372 Mini-DV camcorder is easy to use right out of the box. Using powerful 34x optical/1200x digital zoom, it can capture remarkably detailed 680k pixel CCD images that can be previewed on the 2.7" widescreen LCD display. The SC-D372 can record and playback up to two hours of video in 16:9 format.

shoot and play in wide screen
The SC-D372's 16:9 recording option ensures that the entire image is recorded. Once your movies are captured in wide-screen format, your can enjoy viewing them without having to lose any of the images on your wide-format HDTV screen. Now what you see IS what you get.

better sound quality
Audio enhancements to the SC-D372 reduce unwanted ambient sound, improve stereo separation, voice and music playback and let you add sound effects.

see the bigger picture
With the 2.7" wide LCD, you don't have to miss anything. Using 16:9 wide-screen format, the 2.7" wide LCD enables you to catch more of the action.

capture visions farther than the eye can see
SAMSUNG's powerful optical zoom lenses bring the world closer without sacrificing image quality.

travel light
SAMSUNG's newest Mini DV Camcorders are more compact and streamlined than the previous year's models. Fitting comfortably into one hand, the Mini DV Camcorder's improved designs and ergonomics make capturing those important events easier than ever-wherever you are!