Samsung SC-DX103 DVD Camcorder

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Samsung SC-DX103 DVD Camcorder

Zoom in on your subjects without moving an inch. The powerful 34x optical zoom lets you shoot even the farthest objects and still get high quality images. A 680K pixel CCD produces crystal-clear, remarkably detailed images that are easily captured with the digital image stabilizer. Blur caused by unsteady hands, is now a thing of the past! What you see is what you get with the SC-DX103 DVD camcorder. Your homemade movies never looked this good!

680K pixel video CCD
Get bright, bold images in high resolution with a 680K pixel CCD. Better than conventional camcorders, the SAMSUNG SC-DX103 has digital quality, which offers superior color and amazing details.

720 x 480 pixel movie resolution
A 720 x 480 pixel resolution will create crisp, crystal-clear images that are more lifelike than ever before.

SD/MMC card slot
Enjoy more storage and flexibility. The SC-DX103 memory card slot offers you the option of using an SD card, or MMC as a flash memory card to record still images or movie clips.

capture visions farther than the eye can see
SAMSUNG's powerful 34x optical zoom lenses bring the world closer without sacrificing image quality.

digital image stabilizer
Eliminate blur with the digital image stabilizer. It minimizes unwanted picture shaking caused by hand movement during recording.

2.7" LCD viewfinder
With the 2.7" wide LCD, you don't have to miss anything. Using a 16:9 wide-screen format, the 2.7" wide LCD enables you to catch more of the action and ensures that the entire image is recorded. Once your movies are captured in widescreen format, you can enjoy watching them without having to lose any of the images on your HDTV screen.