Samsung SC-DX205 DVD Camcorder

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Samsung SC-DX205 DVD Camcorder

You won't miss any of life's special moments with this compact, lightweight DVD camcorder. The SAMSUNG SC-DX205 can give you up to 100mins. of recording time. Plus, with the 2.7-inch LCD screen you'll easily capture those special shots like baby’s first steps.Now you can capture these memories on DVD discs. No more bulky videotapes and no more hassle.

superior video compression (H.264)
'Video compression' no longer means 'video degradation'. With the new H.264 video CODEC, advances in compression technology have resulted in virtually loss-less compression. That means what you see is what you get. Buy your camcorder takes less memory to keep it! So you get to record more hrs. of video while using less memory.

16:9 wide recording/2.7"wide LCD
With a 2.7", high-resolution LCD screen that rotates up to 270 degrees and the screen's 16:9 aspect ratio, which is perfectly designed to match an HDTV display, these camcorders make it easier for you to be sure that what you see when you’re shooting is what you’ll see when you get home.

Easy Operation
A five way joy-stick control mounted right on the camcorder's LCD frame makes menu navigation simple. Using only your thumb, the camcorder’s many features become instantly available.

long battery life
Taking advantage of advanced power consumption technology, The SC-DX205 is has the longest battery time (up to 2hrs) to assure you don't miss those crucial shots.

42x intelli-zoom
Samsung Camcorders use high performance Schneider Lens, with extremely low distortion and astigmatic aberration tolerances, resulting in natural,accurate, compelling video. The powerful 34x optical zoom lets you get closer to the action with a bright F1.6 lens that lets more light through to the image sensor.

stylish and ergonomic design
An ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, these camcorders share a number of convenient design features that make taking movies easier, like easy access rear panel buttons, a slot-loaded battery, a built-in lens cover and a UV coated body.

Digital Image Stabilizer
The Hyper Digital Image Stabilizer eliminates the effects of shakes to ensure extremely sharp pictures even when zooming in for close-ups.

key specifications

Camcorder Type: NTSC
Storage Media: DVD
Image Sensor: CCD
Sensor Size: 1/6"
Pixels: 680K
Lens F Value: 1.6~4.3
Optical Zoom: 34X
Digital Zoom: 2200X
Filter Diameter: 30.5mm

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