Samsung SC-MX20 Digital Memory Camcorder

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Samsung SC-MX20 Digital Memory Camcorder

The MX20 makes it easy to capture everything you want to remember and some you might want to forget. It features an optimized recording mode for YouTube, a schneider lens with 34x optical zoom, image stabilization and face detection. You can also record up to 16 hours using a 32 GB memory card. The SAMSUNG SC-MX20 also features the longest battery life in its class, lasting up to three hours. Also available in red, blue and white.

flexible recording and viewing
By offering a choice of shooting in two different aspect ratios-4:3 and 16:9-SAMSUNG ensures the entire image is captured for playback on everything from older TVs to your newest, wide-format HDTV screen.

capture farther than the eye can see
With its high quality 34x zoom lens you can get close to the action from a safe distance. And for those ultra long distance shots, the 1200x digital zoom will let you see it all in perfect detail.

twice the memory options
The external memory slot accepts both SD and MMC. Play videos, transfer images, music and documents quickly and easily using the memory type of your choice.

USB 2.0 interface
The SC-MX20 has a USB port for easy uploading of MPEG4 movie clips and JPEG still images to your PC.