Sanyo VPC-C5 Digital Media Camera

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-14
Sanyo VPC-C5 Digital Media Camera

Chic and compact style offers a new approach to making your own movies anytime, anywhere.

* High-Resolution MPEG-4 Video
* 5.1 Megapixel still photos
* 2-Inch LCD display
* Digital image stabilizer

Imagine creating a little movie magic wherever and whenever you want. Well, now you can with the ultra-compact Xacti C5 digital movie camera from Sanyo. Slim, elegant, and beautifully crafted, the Xacti C5 is an accessory with a difference. Along with 5.1-Megapixel still images, it lets you record high-quality, DVD-like video clips. With the Xacti C5 on hand, you can make an off-the-cuff movie anytime inspiration strikes. Our advice? Keep it on you – always.

The Xacti C5’s ultra-compact design and lightweight body open up a range of shooting possibilities. Simple, slim and elegant – just like an accessory – this portable digital movie camera can be used easily with one hand, without putting strain on your wrist. The stylish vertical design also makes it easier to keep your arm steady during use.

The Xacti C5 features a trans-reflective LCD panel, which uses a bright, low-temperature, polysilicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT) with a high resolution of approximately 210,000 pixels. This panel alleviates problems caused by light reflection in sunny weather. The Xacti C5 actually makes use of reflected light to help display clear, high-visibility images, even in direct sunlight. And, thanks to its large 2.0-inch size, the LCD panel offers easier viewing of your recorded images.

Closing the monitor while the Xacti C5 is on automatically puts it into standby mode. Then, once the monitor is opened, the Xacti C5 starts up and is ready for shooting in approximately 1.7 seconds. By allowing you to skip the usual on/off process, the Xacti C5 delivers easy viewing and fast shooting.

The Xacti C5 enables simultaneous shooting of 5.1-Megapixel still images and VGA-size (640 x 480 pixels) video clips. You never need to miss another precious photo opportunity.

Depending on the mode used to take still images, simultaneous video clip shooting may be interrupted. While shooting video clips, using the digital image stabilizer may change the angle of view for still images.

The Xacti C5 employs the high-quality MPEG-4 recording format to record VGA-size video clips at 30 fps. Because files are conveniently small in size, you have the ability to record long, high-quality video clips. You’ll enjoy clear video images, even on a large-screen TV. Furthermore, with a 1GB SD card, you can record approx. 60 minutes in TV-HQ mode.

A built-in microphone enables superb 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo sound for AAC-LC (MPEG-4 Audio). This contributes to smaller file sizes and more efficient file compression. Also, the Xacti C5 is able to reduce noise caused by wind during shooting.

A proprietary Sanyo algorithm achieves optimal correction for camera shake which may occur when you’re shooting video clips. The digital images stabilizer operates effectively under any zoom setting, from wide-angle to telephoto. It accurately distinguishes between unintentional camera shake and deliberate camera movement from pans or tilts. It then compensates for camera shake to give you more natural shooting results.

The Xacti C5’s 9-Image Display Function lets you view nine thumbnail images at once, so you can select your desired mage faster. The slideshow function, meanwhile, lets you view recorded images continuously. The Xacti C5 also allows you to link selected footage together. Furthermore, you can easily remove unwante3d footage in-camera, thus freeing space on the camera’s memory card.

The Xacti C5 offers easy playback options. Connect directly to a TV using the docking station, or connect to VCR, DVD recorder or PC.