Sony BVPE30 14 Bit 4:3 DSP Camera Head

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Sony BVPE30 14 Bit 4:3 DSP Camera Head

14 Bit 4:3 DSP Camera Head specifically targeted at high-quality portable Studio and dockable operations. At the heart of the outstanding picture performance delivered by the BVP-E30 Series are the field-proven Power HAD™ EX CCDs and a totally new 14-bit A/D conversion circuit. These core devices offer switchable operation between progressive and interlace scanning while also giving excellent sensitivity, noise, and smear performance. With this performance, a range of sophisticated features, and system versatility, BVP-E30 Series digital portable cameras are an ideal and affordable solution for the origination of a wide range of SDTV programs in the studio and for outside broadcasts. The BVPE30 provides 4:3 operation.


* 14-bit A/D conversion

* Advanced digital signal processing

* Portable studio/OB/EFP camera

* Superb picture quality

* Adjustable Shoulder Pad

* Wireless transmission system available