Sony DCR-DVD850 DVD Handycam Camcorder

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Sony DCR-DVD850 DVD Handycam Camcorder

Enjoy those priceless moments over and over with the DCR-DVD850 DVD Handycam® camcorder. It combines maximum flexibility with powerful features like a Carl Zeiss® 60x optical zoom lens and SteadyShot™ image stabilization that makes capturing sharp images a snap. Hybrid Plus technology gives you the option to record to DVD, 16GB of internal memory, or removable Memory Stick Duo™ or Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media (sold separately).

Series highlights: 16GB embedded memory, hybrid plus, 60x optical / 2000x digital zoom, Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens, 1/8" advanced HAD™ CCD imager, DVD-R/-RW/+RW and +R DL (Dual Layer) compatible.

16GB embedded memory:
16GB of embedded memory can record and store up to almost 11 hours of video footage (SD LP mode).

Hybrid Plus offers flexible recording and transfer options:
Hybrid Plus recording technology delivers a new level of flexibility for transferring your video footage and digital photos from the camcorder to compatible viewing devices. Record to your choice of 3" DVD media, 16GB embedded flash memory, or removable Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media (all media sold separately). You can even select from various dubbing functions to easily copy video from Memory Stick® media or built in flash memory media to DVD -- without using a PC. Images recorded or transferred to DVD media can then be played directly in most DVD Players (SD), computers, Blu-ray Disc™ players, and even PLAYSTATION®3 video game consoles to share your memories with friends and family.

60X Optical / 2000X Digital Zoom:
Ideal for sporting events, wildlife, or distance shooting, 60X optical zoom brings you closer to the action, so you can capture extremely tight shots, even from far away. In addition, Digital Zoom Interpolation means that extreme digital zooming (up to 2000X) is clearer, with less distortion than previous types of digital zooms.

Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens with SteadyShot™ image stabilization:
The DCR-DVD850 features a professional-quality Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar® lens designed specifically for compact camcorders. Precision ground optics help maintain the sharpness and contrast of larger lenses, and SteadyShot™ image stabilization helps reduce blur caused by camera shake.

1/8" Advanced HAD™ CCD Imager:
A 1/8" Advanced HAD™ (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD imager with 410K (effective) pixel resolution delivers stunning detail and clarity for exceptional video and still image performance.

DVD-R/-RW/+RW and +R DL (Dual Layer) Compatible:
The DCR-DVD850 is compatible with a variety of DVD formats (DVD-R/-RW/+RW and +R DL (Dual Layer), allowing you to take advantage of the ease-of-use and simplicity found in DVD media. With DVD+RW media, there is no need to finalize the disc (minimum recording required); simply remove and insert the media into a compatible DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ player.

2.7" wide touch panel LCD display (123k pixels):
The 2.7" wide touch panel LCD display provides exceptional viewing clarity with 123K pixels resolution. The display rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles, as well as provides sharp, detailed images for monitoring or playback. The convenient touch panel allows easy access to menus and additional functionality such as spot focus and spot metering.

Power On by opening LCD display:
Quickly power on your camcorder by simply opening the LCD display.

Dolby® Digital 5.1ch recording with Built-in Zoom Mic:
Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel recording captures active sounds coming from all directions, so you can experience your home movies the way you experienced them while recording. The Built-In Zoom Mic focuses audio recording on your subjects in sync with the camera's zoom lens.

Includes Sony® PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software:
Sony Picture Motion Browser software offers a simple, intuitive way to transfer, sort, and view your video and still images on your compatible PC. In addition, multiple output options let you burn your memories to DVD (sold separately), as well as take advantage of one click upload to a number of popular video and photo sharing sites.

Color Viewfinder (123k pixels):
The DCR-DVD850 features a 123k pixel resolution color viewfinder that lets you record and review video and still images.

One Touch Disc Burn:
Easily burn a DVD copy of your footage using the supplied PMB (Picture Motion Browser) software9. Simply connect the camcorder to your compatible PC via a USB cable and press the One Touch Disc Burn Button.

Easy Handycam® Button:
Using a camcorder can be intimidating for some people. With a press of the Easy Handycam Button, most of the advanced features of the camcorder are "locked out," letting you focus only the buttons essential for recording.

Film Roll Index:
Like chapters in a book, Film Roll Index helps you easily find desired scenes in video footage. When using this feature, the camcorder previews the beginning of scenes and can create scene indexes set at specified display intervals (3, 6, or 12 seconds and 1 or 5 minutes).

Face Index function:
Face Index makes it easier than ever to find and play back the right video scene. Using Face Detection technology, Face Index indexes your video footage according to the faces detected in each scene. When it's time to play back video, simply search for what you want by selecting from among the detected faces displayed in the index.

Playback Zoom:
Playback Zoom lets you zoom in up to 5x closer on your videos during playback or in the playback pause mode.

USB 2.0 interface:
A USB 2.0 interface provides an easy way to connect your camcorder to a compatible PC for fast transfer of video and still images for editing.

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