Sony DSR400L DVCAM 3CCD Camcorder

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Sony DSR400L DVCAM 3CCD Camcorder

Replaces DSR-390L. Introducing our new generation DSR-400 camcorder featuring 3 2/3" Power HAD™ EX CCD's. Some of the features of the DSR-400 camcorder are new style and rugged alloy body construction, interchangeable 2/3" zoom-lenses, Power HAD EX CCD's, Full Digital Signal Processing, high resolution 1.5" B&W viewfinder (DXF-801) and LCD panel, Memory Stick® Scene file storage and software upgrade, compact & lightweight, adjustable shoulder pad, video light connector, electronic color temperature adjustment, jog dial menu control, DV and DVCAM™ recording, and professional audio features. RCP-D50/RCP-D51 cannot be used (not compatible) with DSR-400 camcorders.


New Style & rugged alloy body construction: Features a new body, new CCD & new DSP with significant improvements in reliability, ruggedness, & functionality.
Interchangeable 2/3" zoom lenses: Wide choice of lenses (2/3"-B2 mount). Professional operation (manual iris/zoom/focus settings). Accurate F stop indication feedback on VF

Power HAD EX CCD's: Incorporates three new high sensitivity low noise 2/3 inch 4:3 Power HAD EX CCD's for the ighest picture performance: virtually unperceivable V-Smear (-140Db); High signal-to-noise ratio (65Db typical)

Full DSP (Digital Signal Processing): Advanced full DSP for high signal stability and superb imaging performance under all lighting conditions. DSP integrates many exclusive features which enhance the picture quality and improve the operation of the camcorder: TruEye™ Signal Processing (for natural contrast reproduction even under extreme lighting conditions), DynaLatitude™ function, Skin Tone DTL function, Black-Stretch/Compress function, easy to use menu functions, & 0.5 lux min. illumination with Hyper Gain Switch (+36Db). POOL FEED IS NOT AVAILABLE for DSR-400 models.

High Resolution 1.5" B&W viewfinder (DXF-801) and LCD panel: For precise focusing and picture control. The provided DXF-801 viewfinder includes many features: VF Light (LED) to light up the focus and iris ring area of the lens in dark situations (high/low/off switchable); 3 Tally lamp levels (switchable-high/low/off); Vertical and horizontal detail level control via PEAKING potentiometer; High resolution 2.5 inch (viewable area, measured diagonally) LCD panel viewable in bright sunlight.

Memory Stick scene file storage and software upgrade: The DSR-400 has a new Memory stick scene file storage capability equivalent to that available on the igh end camcorders. Settings of the camera can be stored in customer an dcan also be shared by e-mail. This media can be used for service and software upgrades.

Compact & Lightweight: Very compact and fits perfectly on the shoulder. The weight balance is optimized to support extended shoulder shooting.

Adjustable Shoulder Pad: The new adjustable shoulder pad allows hours of operation without painful pressure points as is common with conventional, harder shoulder pad types

Video Light Connector: Optional (50W max.) video light equipment can be connected directly to the camcorder and powered from the video light connector. The light can be synchronized with the VTR Start/Stop switch or switched manually on/off.

Electronic Color Temperature Adjustment: Switching of color temperature electronically (via menu). Thus, the 5600K optical filter rarely needs to be employed (save 2/3 f-stop of sensitivity under daylight conditions). Adjustment of color temperature over a very wide range to achieve artistic painting effects and/or to influence the overall color reproduction.

Jog Dial Menu Control: Simplified menu operation-especially useful under time critical ENG production applications.

DV and DVCAM Recording: All DVCAM format benefits are incorporated. High reliability vs consumer or professional DV. Long recording time-up to 3 hours of DVCAM on one tape. Extra long 4 1/2 hour DV SP recording

Professional Audio Features: 48 KHz/32kHz recording with 16-bit quantization. Two switchable balanced aduio XLR inputs: Line input, Mic input, Attenuated Mic Input. AGC (Automatic Gain Control) or manual adjustment