Sony DSRPD170 3CCD DVCAM Compact Camcorder

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Sony DSRPD170 3CCD DVCAM Compact Camcorder

The new DSR-PD170 DVCAM compact camcorder provides high quality acquisition in the DVCAM component digital format, as well as in DV, allowing up to 40 minutes recording on one tape Mini DVCAM tape, or 60 minutes on the same tape in the DV mode. This compact camcorder features three Advanced HAD 1/3 inch CCDs that allow two scanning modes: 480 progressive (for still) and interlaced (for video). These Advanced HAD™ CCDs also provide high quality acquisition with increased resolution and sensitivity at reduced noise and vertical smear. The new enhancements to the CCDs have enabled the minimum illumination to be improved to an incredible 1 lux. The DSR-PD170 also features a built-in slot for MemoryStick®. Up to 988 JPEG pictures can be stored on one 64 MB MemoryStick®. In addition, the stored images can be mixed or keyed to the live image allowing logo insertion and/or mix effects. The built-in high MTF quality 12X electronic zoom lens features Auto focus and SuperSteadyShot™ with manual Zoom, Focus and Iris control capability. Other enhancements from the DSR-PD150 include a larger high-resolution B&W viewfinder and a newly developed color swing out Hybrid LCD with greater brightness to increase monitoring capability in bright light conditions. The DSR-PD170 now has a larger handle with start/stop functions as well as zoom control on the handle for easy access and enhanced shooting capabilities.


* High quality digital component video and audio recording using DVCAM format
* Advanced HAD 380K pixels 1/3" CCDs
* SuperSteadyShot and Autofocus
* 12X optical zoom, 48X digital zoom
* 530 TV lines of horizontal resolution
* 1 lux minimum illumination
* Auto or manual exposure
* Start/Stop button and zoom control on the handle
* Built-in speaker
* 480p VGA quality 640x480 progressive scan still image capturing
* Tape photo mode-enables still images to be recorded on the tape
* Memory still mode-Up to 988 images can be recorded on the optional 64 MB flash memory
* Directional shotgun (mono) microphone
* Two independen XLR audio inputs with independent audio levels, gain and phantom power
* 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio switchable. 4:3 aspect ratio native
* 16 bit/12 bit PCM audio for two or four channel audio modes
* Audio dubbing capable
* i.Link® (IEEE 1394 based) input and output built in interface
* Analog input using the S-Video connector
* Professional 500 lines horizontal resolution B&W viewfinder
* Hybrid Color 2.5" (viewable area, measured diagonally) swing out reversible 211,200 dot LCD panel display
* Internal digital video effects electronic titling capability
* Chroma-key capability for title, image or logo insertion from the memory stick
* Variable high-speed shutter
* Slow shutter mode
* Digital program editing using i.Link. Up to 20 programs can be preset for auto edit
* Custom AE (auto exposure) mode
* Time code with preset and user bits capability
* 70% and 100% Zebra indicator
* Spotlight and backlight exposure functions
* Guide frame for image alignment
* Time/Date stamp with seconds readout on video
* Manual settings and functions: shutter speeds, Independent audio recording levels, white balance, AE shift, iris, zoom, focus
* Wireless remote, battery, ac adapter/on camera charger and shoulder strap included


Minimum illumination: Improved from 2 to 1lx (Advanced HAD CCD's)
Audio S/N ratio in manual mode: Improved by 6db
Wide conversion lens included as standard
New lens hood.: Wide conversion lens can be attached or removed without removing the hood Additional lens hood is provided with built-in lens cap. Open/Close modes can be operated by a side lever.
On-handle zoom lever and Rec Start/Stop button: Easy for low angle shooting
Larger handle and viewfinder: Improved grip and monitoring
Hybrid LCD panel: Enhanced viewing in direct sunlight
Increased adjustment steps on Iris control: Steps quantity doubled from 12 to 24 steps for smoother Iris control
Simultaneous operation of both LCD panel and viewfinder: Enables the use of the LCD paneel for camera angle checking and viewfinder for focusing at the same time
i.LINK cable strap: Aids in preventing incidental cable disconnection to the DSR-DU1 disk recording unit

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