Sony GV-D1000 MiniDV Video Walkman VCR

Sony Updated: 2007-06-07
Sony GV-D1000 MiniDV Video Walkman VCR

The GV-D1000 video Walkman™ VCR has it all. Its MiniDV recording format delivers 3X the color bandwidth of a VHS tape and with its 4" LCD display, you will enjoy excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The GV-D1000 includes a Memory Stick Media® terminal, MPEG movie capture capabilities from tapes and USB streaming. And because it's small, it's great to take with you, anywhere you're going.

MiniDV Format
MiniDV recording format delivers 3X the color bandwidth of VHS with significantly less video noise ratio compared to analog formats and providing stunning video performance.

4" LCD Display (123K Pixels)
Provides excellent viewing clarity with improved resolution. The 123K pixel LCD rotates for multiple viewing angles providing sharp detailed images for monitoring or playback.

Digital Still Memory Mode with Memory Stick® Media
Capture digital still images at 640 x 480 resolution from video-tapes, analog inputs or digital video i.LINK®2 input, directly onto Memory Stick media. The images can be easily transferred to PCs for emailing, printing or sharing with other compatible Memory Stick devices.

MPEG Movie Mode
Capture MPEG1 compressed video with audio directly to Memory Stick media. Shoot an MPEG Movie "on location" or select up to 60 seconds from your recorded videotapes. The Video Email mail mode, 160 x 112, is ideal resolution for sharing videos via the Internet. Use the Presentation Mode, 320 x 240, to increase the resolution for greater detail.

USB Streaming
Stay connected with family and friends by broadcasting prerecorded videos with audio, via the Internet with the USB interface. It's like having your own video conferencing system.

i.LINK® 2DV Interface (IEEE1394)
A high speed bi-directional digital video/audio communication between two devices equipped with an IEEE1394 interface, including camcorders, digital VCRs, and PCs.

Analog-to-Digital Conversion with Pass-Through
Convert and/or record any analog NTSC video source to digital video via the analog inputs. Analog NTSC video can also be passed-through the Digital Handycam® camcorder directly into a PC via the i.LINK2 interface in real time for easy PC editing of your analog footage.

12-Bit/16-Bit PCM Digital Stereo
16-bit recording offers the same, outstanding sound quality as Compact Disc. 12-bit recording enables you to add an additional audio track with compatible audio dubbing equipment or i.LINK compatible computers.

SP and LP Record/Playback
Standard Play offers up to 60 minutes of digital recording, or Long Play for up to 90 minutes, on one Mini DV cassette.

Digital Program Editing
Allows you to select a sequence of 20 scenes and then control dubbing via i.LINK to another i.LINK camcorder, via infrared remote to an analog VCR. Controls both Sony and other brand camcorders and VCRs.

Playback Zoom
Manipulates the picture inside the Video Walkman® VCR. While playing back your images on the Video Walkman VCR, it allows you to edit your images by zooming in (up to 2 times) and cropping your picture (up, down, left, right). You can save the new image as a separate file. Resize lets you save a copy of an image to a smaller or larger file size.

Print Mark
Pre-select your digital still images (in the camcorder) for printing, and connect with a DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) compatible printer for hassle free printing. Because your images are already selected, your printing experience will be fast and enjoyable.

Crystal Clear Still/Slow Motion Playback
Digital video provides noise free playback in slow motion and in the pause mode for detailed playback.

Drop Frame Time Code
Assigns each video frame a sequential code number providing frame accurate editing for each of the 29.97 frames contained in 1 second of DV video.

Index Titler
Add titles to your videos. Allows an updateable title to be stored on a DV cassette IC chip and accessed using the GV-D1000 data code.

Cassette Memory
Compatible with the Mini DV tapes with a built-in 4K Integrated Circuit Memory Chip. The Memory Chip provides the ability to read and write data that can be used to access index points, Photo ID points, Title for the scene or Title for the entire tape.