Sony GV-D200 Digital8 Video Walkman VCR

Sony Updated: 2007-06-05
Sony GV-D200 Digital8 Video Walkman VCR

Introducing the new portable all-digital solution for editing: the Digital8® Video Walkman™ VCR GV-200. Sony has teamed the digital video system with the compact convenience of the Video Walkman style.

The Digital8 camcorder line has successfully helped consumers make the transition to digital videography. Ideal companion to the Digital8 video Walkman units are backward compatible allowing for HI8™ and 8mm tape playback.

PAL Playback on NTSC
Adds the ability to playback a PAL recorded Mini DV cassette on the GVD-800 only and only on the 4" LCD screen.

Crystal Clear still/slow motion and frame-by-frame advance:
Digital video recording allows crystal clear still/ slow motion and frame-by-frame advance capabilities.

2X Playback and 2X Playback Zoom
Allows for high speed playback in forward and reverse. 2X Playback zoom allows you to zoom into a selected area of the video during playback of a Digital8 tape.

Digital8® recording and playback:
Records outstanding digital picture and sound on affordable Hi8 and 8mm tapes. Offers up to 500 lines of resolution with three times the color bandwidth of VHS and significantly lower video noise.

Hi8?/8mm Playback:
Video Walkman® VCRs can playback previously recorded material from Hi8 or 8mm videotapes in either SP or LP modes.

S-Video and composite input/output:
S-Video connection offers superior video signal transfer from analog devices by reducing "Dot Crawl" which is commonly seen as distortion around the edge of the recorded video signal.

Built-in assemble editing (20 segments):
Allows user to connect the deck via an i.LINK®1 or infrared interface to any other i.LINK or infrared device and select up to twenty different scenes from a video and then have the deck automatically assemble those scenes together.

PCM stereo digital audio:
16-bit recording capability offers the same, outstanding sound quality as Compact Disc. 12 bit recording enables you to transfer the recorded signal via i.LINK to a compatible DV device so that stereo music or narration can be added without disturbing the original soundtracks

i.LINK® (IEEE 1394)1 DV Input/Output:
Provides bi-directional digital communication that carries digital audio, digital video and control signals to other i.LINK® equipped video devices and a growing range of compatible PCs for dubbing and non-linear editing.

AC Powered with Supplied Adapter/DC Powered with Optional InfoLithium® Battery
Supplied AC-L10 adapter allows you to plug in your Video Walkman® VCR into any standard AC outlet. By adding an optional InfoLithium® battery (NP-F550, NP-F750 or NP-F960) you can enjoy using your Video Walkman® VCR in portable applications such as playback and editing.

Digital Noise Reduction
Reduces chromanance (color) noise by 20% when recording.

Time Base Correction (TBC)
Replaces the video signal with a clean sync pulse, to correct timing errors, which eliminates the jitters commonly found in home video.