Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Camera

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Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Camera

Record HD MP4 video and 5MP images then easily upload them directly to the web with the MHC-PM1 Webbie HD™ camera. The ultra-compact Webbie camera also features a unique lens system that can swivel up to 270 degrees, allowing for easy self-shooting if you like to post videos of yourself on your blog. Available in silver, orange, and eggplant.

Take 5MP still image and record video in High Definition MP4 format (H.264):
The Webbie HD™ camera lets you record your favorite moments in High Definition MP4 (H.264) format and features a 5MP CMOS sensor that lets you take crisp 5MP still images. MP4 is a popular multimedia format that compresses the size of your audio and video, making your media files small enough to easily transfer to your compatible PC or Mac. MP4 is also highly compatible with the Web, so you can effortlessly upload your media to popular photo or video-sharing websites like Photobucket® or YouTube™. (Compatible PC with internet capability required).

Unique Swivel Lens:
The Webbie HD™ camera features a unique lens that swivels up to 270 degrees and, when rotated, instantly powers on the camera so you can start recording video or taking still shots immediately.

Individual "Movie" and "Still" buttons and dual capture:
Enjoy the convenience of individual "Movie" and "Still" buttons that allow you to seamlessly switch from video recording to still photo capture with the simple press of a button.

Picture Motion Browser (PMB) Portable Software:
With Sharemark and pre-installed Picture Motion Browser (PMB) Portable software1, the Webbie HD™ camera makes it easy to pre-select videos and images in the camera and conveniently upload them from the camera to a compatible PC and popular Internet sharing sites1, without the need for any additional software.

Compact size:
Approximately 0.9" thick and 2.2" wide, the Webbie HD™ is ultra-compact and easy to carry with you in your bag or pocket.

Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media slot:
Record video and still images directly to Memory Stick PRO Duo™ media (sold separately), for easy transfer to a compatible PC or Mac for e-mailing, printing, or sharing with other Memory Stick PRO Duo™ compatible devices (sold separately).

Video Resolution:
With the Webbie HD™ camera you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing to record and playback in either High Definition (1440x1080/30p, 1280x720/30p) or Standard Definition (640x480/30p) format.

5 Different scene selection modes:
Choose between 5 unique scene selection modes like "Lowlight" or "Landscape" to capture still images and record high-quality video or in different setting or lighting environments.

4x Digital Zoom:
The Webbie HD™ camera boasts 4x Digital zoom that lets you move in close and capture the action in crisp detail.

1.8" LCD screen:
The Webbie HD™ camera features a 1.8" LCD3 that lets you clearly and instantly see what you're filming. Combined with the unique swiveling lens, the LCD screen also makes "self-shooting" easy if you like to post videos on your blog.

5MP CMOS image sensor:
The integrated 5MP CMOS sensor enables the Webbie HD™ camera lets you to take sharp 5MP still images in addition to HD MP4 video.

Integrated Sony Lithium Ion battery:
Sony's long lasting rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries allow you record up to 100 minutes and are not subjected to a life shortening "Memory Effect," so you're free to charge the battery at any time.

USB 2.0:
USB 2.0 interface provides an easy way to connect your camera to a compatible PC or Mac for fast transfer of video and still images for editing. (USB cable included)

Multi-AV terminal:
A Multi-AV terminal (cable included) allows you to connect your Webbie HD™ camera to devices like your compatible PC or television for easy playback.

Tripod mount compatible:
The Webbie HD™ camera can also be mounted a tripods (sold separately) for added stability when capturing video or still images.

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