Alpine CDE-9874 CD/MP3 Receiver

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Alpine CDE-9874 CD/MP3 Receiver

Play CD's, iPods, and other portable media players! You're looking at a full-featured deck, that's easy and intuitive to use. This one-stop music player comes with a sleek LCD Display with fixed red and classic blue illumination. Alpine's signature rotary knob makes controlling all your music a breeze. This unit also comes with a convenient Front Panel auxiliary input - so you or your passenger can plug in your portable media player as an additional source.

* 16wx4 RMS power / 45wx4 Max power
* 2 PreOuts (selectable Rear/Sub, with subwoofer level control)
* Easy connection to Auxiliary Sources with Front Panel Aux Input
* LCD display
* Fixed Illumination (Blue with Red)
* Rotary Encoder volume control
* iPod Control
* Bluetooth ready with AV profile

Bluetooth® Hands-Free

* Make/Receive Phone Calls
* Audio/Video Streaming

Don't fuss with or fiddle with your phone and say goodbye to uncomfortable headsets and earpieces. Get the convenience of carrying phone conversations in your car, hands-free!

This unit is Bluetooth ready so you can add a KCE-350BT adapter to pair up your cell phone with your head unit. Now make and take phone calls conveniently. View caller information including caller ID, missed, dialed, and received calls right from the head unit display. Use the microphone supplied with the KCE-350BT to speak, and listen through your car's speakers. You can even set up your cell phone/head unit to automatically answer your calls. With select compatible phones with streaming audio capability, you can listen to music stored on your phone and have it play through your Alpine system.

Great Sound & Expandable

* CD/MP3/WMA/AAC playback
* 16wx4 RMS power / 45wx4 Max power
* Power Pack Ready - upgrade to full 45Wx4 RMS (coming soon)
* 2 Volt Pre-Outs for Front and Rear channels; Selectable Rear/Sub output w/Subwoofer Level controlHigh-Pass Crossover (selectable 80/120/160Hz)
* Bass Center Frequency control with Q, Treble Center Frequency control

With Alpine, expect the premium sound your ears deserve. This head unit allows you to customize your crossover adjustments so you can control where you send your high and low frequencies, so you get the best sound out of your factory or upgraded system. Of course for a true power upgrade just add-on the KTP-445 Power Pack to instantly increase your head unit's power to a true 45Wx4 RMS, now we're talking about some serious sound!

Plug-in an iPod!

* Full Speed Connection for iPod using KCE-422i (*optional)
* Full Speed AUX input using KCE-236B Full Speed to mini-jack cable
* QuickSearch
* Percentage Search
* Advanced HMI using the Rotary Encoder knob and Percentage Search makes it easy to find all your iPod content fast

The CDE-9874 is more than just a CD player, all 2008 Alpine head units are designed to work with your iPod - so you can enjoy all your favorites wherever the road takes you.

Full Speed Connection for iPod
Connect your iPod using the KCE-422i cable (optional), and you've got access to all your iPod music, right from your head unit. With Full Speed you get convenient control so you can scroll through all your Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs - and view all your song information right from the display on your head unit.

Tons of music? Find it fast! With Alpine's exclusive QuickSearch technology, you'll be able to find what you want, the quickest and easiest way possible. With so many ways to listen to thousands of songs, now you can get super-fast access to artists, songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations. Large control buttons and a rotary encoder make it easy to scroll through all your sources, including iPod, Radio stations and CD's. No interruptions, while you search, just let the Alpine play.

Percentage Search
For especially big music libraries, the Percentage Search function uses the preset buttons for quick jumps to specific parts of the list. Save yourself from scrolling through each song one by one, when you can just jump to a segment of your library with a touch of a button.

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