Alpine PXE-H650 System Integration Audio Processor

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Alpine PXE-H650 System Integration Audio Processor

Experience Music The Way The Artist Intended
Enjoy the most accurate sound reproduction ever - IMPRINTª Sound. From the artist, direct to you. Nothing in between. All your favorite music, just as the artist intended.

Upgrade your factory system or your aftermarket system sound with the PXE-H650, and enjoy the quality sound you've come to expect from Alpine. This is where excellent sound quality and full musical detail reproduction begins.

The Perfect F.I.T.
With Alpine's Perfect F.I.T. methodology you can incorporate IMPRINT technology, by adding the revolutionary PXE-H650.

Build up your factory sound system with greater power, clarity, and advanced processing. Keep all your factory sources, like your in-dash 6-disc CD changer, Hands free Bluetooth, your factory satellite radio, and even your factory navigation, but your entire system will sound like an Alpine.

Or add an Alpine head unit to get even more flexibility and convenience within reach. All Alpine head units feature top-of-the-line technology and convenient functions so you can access your favorite sources and let your Alpine play.

The PXE-H650 works with any radio whether it's factory or aftermarket, to automatically tailor the sound of these sources using advanced acoustic and time correction technologies. This combination overcomes the car's inherent acoustical challenges and improves the sound stage, tonal balance, and definition. You can enjoy Alpine sound, no matter what radio you use.

CES Innovations Award-Winning
The PXE-H650 has been recognized as a CES Innovations 2007 Award Honoree. Innovations Honorees are selected by a panel of judges based on the following criteria: engineering qualities, product's intended use and function, unique and novel features and design qualities. The Innovations award program has become indicative of the best-designed products in consumer technology.

Advanced Technology For Ultimate Sound Quality
Alpine has combined their in-vehicle sound system expertise with Audyssey's acoustical technology to deliver a sound system hardware-plus-software platform with breakthrough equalization technology. IMPRINT automatically overcomes the car's inherent acoustical challenges, and improves the sound stage, tonal balance, and definition.

Prepare Your Factory System For Perfection
A key component of IMPRINT, AntEQ automatically measures and corrects all factory sound processing. Since you're going to upgrade your amplifiers, speakers and subwoofer you need AntEQ to automatically remove the processing that's been tailored to the old equipment. This way you have a perfectly flat starting point to build your new system.

The Sonic Magic Of MultEQ®
The car interior is an acoustical challenge. Interior surfaces reflect sound while other surfaces reflect sound while other surfaces absorb it. IMPRINT sound overcomes the car's inherent acoustical challenges, improving the sound stage, tonal balance and definition.

MultEQ solves all this by using more than 500 control points along the frequency spectrum. This optimizes the sound reproduction to the specific vehicle listening environment with much greater precision that has been acheived up to now - reproducing the music as it was meant to be heard throughout the car

Easy Set-up In Under 5 Minutes
Through the PXE-H650, set up is easy and quick! Basic set-up can take under 5 minutes! The PXE-H650 can turn any factory system into a high quality IMPRINT Sound system.

Precise Measurements
The PXE-H650 comes with its own calibrated, omni-directional microphone, which is placed in different areas of the vehicle's interior to measure the cabin's acoustics. The unit has two input options, factory or aux-in, and seven channel outputs: front 1 left/right, front 2 left/right, rear left/right, and mono sub. The supplied IMPRINT Sound Manager software application uses MultEQ to collect and aggregate the vehicle's measurements, plot more than 500 control points to that measurement, and then adjusts the signal to the chosen target curve. Channel crossovers and levels are calculated from the measurements and applied automatically. The result is a custom-tuned system, tailored to best match the vehicle's hardware components and interior cabin acoustics, all done with a simple automated set-up process. This process is revolutionary because it is done automatically. This is unlike previous solutions that required a highly skilled technician to devote extensive time and effort to fine-tune the system, yet still could not achieve correction in the time domain.


Remote Control
* Included/Ready: Included
* Model Number: RUE-4265
* Battery Type: AAA Batteries (2 pcs.)

* Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 252mm x 38mm x 149mm
* Chassis Size (W x H x D) in: 10'' x 1-1/2'' x 5-7/8''

* Power Requirement: Power Requirement: 14.4 (11-16) V.DC
* Operating Temperature ( A?C/ A?F): +14A?F to +140A?F (-10A?C to +60A?C)
* Weight: 1.0kg/35.3 oz

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