Garmin GDB 55 MSN Direct Receiver

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-18 RSS
Garmin GDB 55 MSN Direct Receiver

The MSN Direct Receiver / GDB 55 turns your compatible Garmin into a dynamic on-the-go information source. With the purchase of this receiver, you'll get 12 months of MSN Direct services including traffic updates, gas prices, weather forecasts and so much more!

Travel Smart

The GDB 55 delivers the content you need for life on the go:

* Traffic updates
* Weather forecasts
* Fuel prices
* News stories
* Movie listings and reviews
* Stock info
* Local events, concerts, festivals and more

The GDB 55 sends information to your compatible Garmin navigator so you can avoid traffic, save money at the pump, check the forecast and find your theatre — while staying on top of news and stocks. The Send to GPS feature lets you plan your trip on your PC, then wirelessly send it to your navigator.

Activate and Navigate

The MSN Direct receiver is plug-and-play portable, making it easy to connect to your unit when on the go. No professional installation required. Simply activate your receiver following the instructions in the manual. After activation, plug the receiver into your compatible Garmin device, connect to your vehicle's power outlet, and you're ready to receive data.

Subscription Information

MSN Direct is available only in select cities where coverage exists.