Garmin VIB 10 Vehicle Integration Box

Garmin Updated: 2008-09-18 RSS
Garmin VIB 10 Vehicle Integration Box

Enjoy the benefits of a factory-installed in-dash solution at a price that won't break your budget. VIB 10 is a vehicle integration box for your compatible Garmin navigator that lets you hear navigation voice prompts, hands-free calls and MP3s through your vehicle's stereo.

Enjoy an In-Dash Feel

Compatible with the StreetPilot c550*, VIB 10 gives you an in-dash feel when using the portable c550. VIB 10 connects directly to your car's audio and power systems and integrates your portable navigator in the vehicle's dash. It reduces cable clutter, while making it convenient for you to move the c550 from vehicle to vehicle for maximum utility. VIB 10 powers your unit, freeing up your vehicle's power outlet for another use such charging your mobile phone.

Maximize Your Car's Stereo

VIB 10 is a great way to utilize your car's audio system for navigation voice prompts, phone calls and MP3 playback. With VIB 10, you can listen to your own CDs, favorite radio stations or other music through your car's stereo, while receiving c550 navigation voice prompts and hands-free calls through the audio system. Your music is automatically muted as these prompts or calls come through, so you'll never miss a turn or conversation. You can also play MP3s from your c550 with stereo quality. HiFi stereo quality is only possible using RCA connectors (not included), and use of an AUX function on your stereo.

Professional installation is recommend.

* VIB 10 replaces the traffic receiver included with your StreePilot c550 and does not support traffic services.