Kenwood DDX514 Navigation Ready Multimedia DVD Receiver

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Kenwood DDX514 Navigation Ready Multimedia DVD Receiver

The DDX514 offers innovative and convenient entertainment features like USB Direct Control for iPhone/iPod and front aux input for portable media players. The 6.1" touchscreen is easy to read and with Variable Color Illumination, you can even match the deck's illumination color to your vehicle's dashboard lighting.

General Features
* 2DIN Fixed 6.1" QVGA TFT Active Matrix Display
* 24-Bit Digital-To-Analog Converter
* DVD-Video Playback
* iPhone/iPod Audio Video USB Direct Control
* Variable Color Illumination
* Selectable Wallpapers & Customizable Backgrounds
* Navigation Ready (Requires KNA-G510)
* Bluetooth Ready (Requires KCA-BT200)
* SAT Ready (Requires CA-SR20V + Sirius SC-C1 Tuner or KCA-XM100V + XM Mini Tuner)
* HD Radio Ready
* Dual 2.0 Volt Pre-outs
* 1 x USB Input, 1 x Front AV Input, 1 x Rear Camera Input, 1 x AV Output,
* Firmware upgradeable (go to for latest firmware versions)
* 1-Year Warranty

iPhone/iPod Audio Video USB Direct Control
Kenwood Multimedia receivers connect seamlessly with most iPods and the new iPhone 3G featuring audio video playback via a KCA-iP301V iPod Audio Video USB Direct Cable. Features include:
* Supports Album Art
* Supports Audio & Video Content Including Content Purchased From iTunes With DRM
* Supports Up To 12Mbps transfer speeds
* Powers and Charges Compatible iPhone/iPods
* Compatible models include:
* iPhone 3G
* Touch
* iPod Classic
* iPod Video (5th/6th Gen)
* iPod Nano (1st/2nd/3rd Gen)
* Must update iPhone/iPod using iTunes for the latest Apple firmware

Built-In Sirius Satellite Protocol
Kenwood Multimedia products offer more value by including a Sirius SSP interface. By simply adding a Kenwood CA-SR20V adapter cable, you can connect a Sirius SC-C1C tuner or a SC-VDOC1 car dock cradle for your portable Sirius tuner.

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