Kenwood DPX503 MP3/WMA/AAC Dual Din CD Receiver

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Kenwood DPX503 MP3/WMA/AAC Dual Din CD Receiver

Replace that aging, broken or otherwise boring double DIN factory radio with DPX503 and gain high performance audio features and portable player connectivity to your iPod or other music storage device! The DPX503 has a large multi-line display with full-spectrum variable illumination (very cool) and connectivity features like an illuminated front Aux input and USB port with 1-wire high-speed iPod control.

General Features

* Large Multi line display with Full Spectrum Variable Illumination
* Illuminated Front USB and Aux input with slide protection cover
* 1- Wire High speed iPod control
* CD-R/CD-RW, AAC, WMA, MP3 compatibility
* Multi-control wheel for easy music search
* 2 pre-outs (2.5 volts) rear switchable to low pass with filter and level control (high pass and low pass filters)
* Spectrum Analyzer
* Display Off mode function
* Dual Zone Source & Volume Control
* Security Code Function
* Supplied with Remote Control
* Supreme technology for compressed music
* Maximum Output Power: 50W x 4
* Bluetooth, Sat Radio and HD Radio Ready

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