Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Unit

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Kenwood KCA-BT200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Unit

Add the KCA-BT200 Bluetooth hands-free unit to a Kenwood Bluetooth Ready receiver or monitor and enjoy wireless freedom. The KCA-BT200 Bluetooth has caller ID and can be paired with up to five Bluetooth-enabled phones and download each phone's address book. The keys or touchscreen can be used to dial a number, answer an in-coming call or end a call. The unit also has a microphone that can be mounted in the dash or headliner, so you can listen to the conversation through your car's front speakers. (Note: Compatibility may vary. Users should always check their phone and service provider for degree of compatibility.)

General Features

* Wireless Cell Phone Connection via
* Bluetooth Technology
* SMS (Short Messaging Service) Support
* Automatic Phonebook Synchronization
* Voice recognition in Noisy Surroundings
* Compatible with most of Bluetooth phones with HFP

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