Kenwood KDC-BT742U MP3/WMA USB CD Receiver

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Kenwood KDC-BT742U MP3/WMA USB CD Receiver

General Features
* TDF (Theft Deterrent Faceplate)
* 14 Segment/13-Digit FL Display
* Built-In Bluetooth & Microphone
* Music Search
* Favorite Memory
* Rotary Encoder for Easy Operation
* Key Illumination (Blue)
* Manual Dimmer Function (2Step)
* Supplied with Remote Control Unit

Audio Features
* Maximum Output Power : 50W x 4
* 2.5V 3 Preouts
* Source Tone Memory
* Front AUX Input with Input Sensitivity Adjust
* Attenuator (-20dB) with Smooth Volume Return

Bluetooth Features
* Supports Hands-Free Profile
* Supports SMS
* Supports Voice Dialing
* Supports Automatic Phonebook Download
* Powered By Parrot
* Built-In Microphone with Noise Cancellation

Sound Excellence DSP Features
* 3-band Parametric EQ
* Digital crossover system
* Digital Time Alignment
* Kenwood Customized iPod EQ
* Highway Sound
* Supreme+

USB Features
* Front USB 2.0 Input for thumb drives, external HDD and compatible iPods
* iPhone/iPod USB 1-wire Direct Control connection (recommend KCA-iP101 cable)

iPhone/iPod USB Direct Control Features
* Alphabet Search
* Percentage Search
* Skip Search
* Reverse Browsing
* All Random Playback

Single CD Features
* AAC playback (Apple Audio Codec without DRM)
* WMA playback (Windows Media Audio)
* MP3 playback (MPEG1-Layer3)
* ID-3 Tag Display
* 24bit D/A Converter
* 0-bit Mute
* CD-R/CD-RW Compatible
* Supreme for improved compressed music playback

External Media Control Features
* iPod ready (optional KCA-iP500 for older iPods)
* Satellite Radio Ready (optional KCA-SR50 + Sirius Tuner)
* HD Radio Ready
* Dual External Media Control Capability (with Optional KCA-S220A)

FM/AM Tuner Features
* FM/AM 24 Station Presets (18FM, 6AM)

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