Kenwood KDC-C521FM CD Changer

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Kenwood KDC-C521FM CD Changer

10-Disc CD Changer with FM Modulator

General Features

* 10-disc CD Changer and Add-On Changer Controller Package
* Plays CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs
* 3-Angle Mounting (0, 45, 90 degrees)
* 4-Step Modulation Level (Gain) Setting
* Remote Control: Full-Function 10-Key, Grip-Type


Product Type: CD changer with RF modulator
Recommended Use: Car
Form Factor: External changer

Audio System
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Built-in Display: LCD
Additional Features: Multi-angle mountable

CD System
Type: CD changer
Form Factor: External changer
Changer Capacity: 10 CD
Changer Load Type: Magazine
CD-R Compatible: Yes
CD-RW Compatible: Yes

Remote Control
Type: Remote control
Technology: Infrared
Universal Product Identifiers
Part Number: KDC-C521FM

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