Pioneer DEH-P4100UB CD Receiver

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Pioneer DEH-P4100UB CD Receiver

CD Receiver with OEL Display, USB Direct Control of iPod, and 7-Way Rotary Commander

* Advanced Sound Retriever restores the rich, full, dynamic sound to compressed music
* XM Radio and Sirius Radio Ready
* 3 Hi-Volt RCA preouts (Front, Rear, Sub)

The Next Best Thing to Live.
Sick of listening to static? CD Players improve sound quality and add features like Bluetooth and iPod control that your built in factory stereo might otherwise not have. Expand your system with digital radio options like HD Radio, XM Satellite Radio or Sirius Satellite Radio.

Stay in Command
Enjoy vibrant, exciting displays with the larger OEL display that provides superior brightness and visibility in all conditions. Scroll through your iPod with greater ease with the newly redesigned smaller rotary commander.

iPod Made Easy
It's easy! Simply plug your iPod directly into the unit using the CD-IU50 iPod cable, and you are ready to rock and roll. Listening to an artist that you just can't get enough of? Now you can hold the "List" button down and it will pop up folders containing that specific artist. You can also have your passenger control your music directly from the iPod®.

Advanced Sound Retriever
This year you can hear the detail, warmth, and clarity the way the artist intended it, from all of the highly compressed MP3, WMA and AAC files playing on your CD player. By restoring data that tends to get lost in the digital compression process, we can make your music sound close to CD quality.

Fed up with your Bluetooth headset?
Here's a better hands-free solution. Use the available CD-BTB200 Bluetooth Adapter and Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones for easy, safe, and hands-free operation. The unit acts like a speakerphone, channeling the sound through your car speakers which makes the call sound better. It also automatically mutes your music so that you'll never miss a call.
*Optional CD-BTB200 adapter required

What else does this model have to offer?
The DEH-P4100UB also includes these additional features like built-in AUX input for your media devices and Advanced Sound Retriever to restore your mp3s to near CD quality. Features that are designed to expand your system, customize your experience, provide superior sound quality and easy operation.

* Remote Controller included
* OEL Segmented Display with 16-character Text
* Advanced Sound Retriever to restore your compressed media to near CD quality
* AUX input to easier plug in your portable media devices
* USB input (Rear)
* XM Radio and Sirius Radio Ready
* 3 RCA Hi-Volt preouts for adding on external amps and speakers simplify system expansion.
* Two-Way Crossover with separate High and Low Pass settings.
* Built-in MOSFET 50 W x 4 amplifier for excellent sound quality, minimal distortion and efficient power handling.
* Supertuner® IIID advanced analog and digital processing assure superior imaging, less distortion and noise, and stronger, smoother broadcast signal reception.

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